10 Birds Name in English and Hindi

In this article, we provide you with 10 Birds Name in English and Hindi along with their details. We also provide you with 70 names of birds that are important to know. So, let’s get started

10 Birds Name in English and Hindi

10 Birds Names in English and Hindi list

In this section, we provide you with the 10 birds name in Hindi and English

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10 Birds Names in English and Hindi details

In this section, we present to you the details of the 10 Birds Name in English and Hindi. We request you read the full section of the details of 10 Birds Name in English and Hindi.

1. Parrot

Parrots are a common bird species with a curved beak, an upright body and strong legs. There are more than 350 types of parrots on earth. Parrots are, in general, intelligent. They are able to learn, have quite large brains, and use basic tools. Many parrots are kept as pets because they have brightly colored plumage and some species can mimic human speech.

2. Sparrow

Sparrows are one of the most common birds one can see. Sparrows usually build their nests near the buildings and houses of humans. Hence, the most common sparrow one sees is the House Sparrow. In total, though, there are 30 species of sparrows found worldwide. Being just around 12- 17 cm long, they are comparatively and relatively small birds. They are also found on every continent on earth.

3. Ostrich

Ostriches are large birds that cannot fly. Not just that, their eggs are the largest eggs of all the birds’ eggs on earth and they are the largest birds found anywhere on the planet. An average height of a female Ostrich is around 6.5 feet while that of a male Ostrich is 9 feet.  Their long legs allow them to run faster than all the other birds on the planet. They can run at a speed up to 65 kilometers per hour (40 miles per hour)

4. Penguins

These are the birds that like Ostrich cannot fly. But Penguins use their wings to swim. In fact, they are one of the few birds that can swim underwater. Penguins are found only in the southern hemisphere, including South Africa, South America, New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica. They can lay at most two eggs a year. 

5. Vulture

Vultures are large birds and have large wings. They mostly eat animals that are already dead or are dying. Vultures from Asia, Africa, and Europe are related to each other while different to Vultures found in South and North America. 

6. Hen

Also known as Chicken, this is a species of poultry. Chicken is used in many ways through poultry farming, which includes breeding for eggs and Chicken meat. Some of the Chicken species cannot fly but some can, but only up to a few meters. Poultry Farming is a very large industry, with a net worth of $ 182.1 billion in 2019.

7. Owl

Owls are carnivorous animals that are renowned to stay awake at night. In fact, they are famous for being specialized night-time hunters. They feed small insects and mammals, as well as other small birds. They are also found almost all over the world. Typical features of an Owl include a large head, a flat face, a short tail, a hooked beak, & sharp talons.

8. Crow

Crow is a very commonly found type of bird which is mostly carnivorous and scavengers, and is medium to large sized. Some crows, such as the House Crows found in South Asian Countries, like India and Sri Lanka are omnivorous and are considered highly opportunistic birds. The crows, in general, are intelligent. Some types of crows build their own tools in addition to using others’. Crows are today considered to be among the most intelligent birds in the world, along with parrots.

9. Duck

Ducks, Swans, and Geese, all belong to the same family and are related to one another. Ducks are omnivorous, which means that they consume both water vegetation and small animals, and they only lay eggs once a year. A pecten is found around the edge of the beak which captures any food and strains the water spraying from the beak’s side. A lot of ducks are migratory birds. This implies that they live somewhere else during the summer and the winter. Except for Antarctica, ducks can be found all over the world.

10. Peacock

Peacock is the male species of Peafowl that is found mostly in Soth Asian countries of India and Pakistan. Some species of the Peafowls are also found in Congo, Africa. In all, there are just two types of Peafowls: Asiatic Peafowls and Congo Peafowls. A peacock has long, colourful feathers and are attractive while Female peafowls (or peahens) have shorter brown feathers. The Peacock opens his feathers and dances to attract peahens for mating.

These were the 10 Birds Name in English and Hindi

70 Birds Names in English 

In this section, we present to you 70 bird names in case you want.

  1. Nightingale 
  2. Robin 
  3. Toucan 
  4. Potoo 
  5. Mallard 
  6. Spoonbill 
  7. Budgerigar 
  8. Skylark 
  9. Coot 
  10. Lark 
  11. Conure 
  12. Cygnet 
  13. Kiwi 
  14. Weaverbird 
  15. Goose 
  16. Finches 
  17. Hawk 
  18. Wagtail 
  19. Myna 
  20. Crow 
  21. Sparrow 
  22. Eagle 
  23. Raven 
  24. Cockatiel 
  25. Penguin 
  26. Hornbill 
  27. Turkey 
  28. Bee-eater 
  29. Pelican 
  30. Guinea fowl 
  31. Turkey 
  32. Catbird 
  33. Peacock 
  34. Duck 
  35. Macaw 
  36. Thrush 
  37. Drongo 
  38. Sandpiper 
  39. Swallow 
  40. Canary 
  41. Rallidae 
  42. Passerine 
  43. Nightjar 
  44. Cockatoo 
  45. Goldfinch 
  46. Pheasant 
  47. Heron 
  48. Cassowary 
  49. Megapode 
  50. Parakeet 
  51. Vulture 
  52. Hummingbird 
  53. Albatross 
  54. Parrot 
  55. Swan 
  56. Lovebird 
  57. Grebe 
  58. Moa 
  59. Dodo 
  60. Gannet 
  61. Bluebird 
  62. Teal 
  63. Partridge
  64. Ospreys 
  65. Wren 
  66. Kite 
  67. Woodpecker 
  68. Dove 
  69. Owl 
  70. Madagascar pochard

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