Should Plastic Be Banned Essay | How to Write the Essay

Should Plastic Be Banned Essay: Plastic is a polymer that can be moulded, shaped or pressed easily. They have completely revolutionised many industries, evident by their ubiquitous presence, owing to their properties. These very properties, however, have led to huge environmental degradation. Since its discovery in the 19th century, plastic has played a vital role …

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Women and Development Essay

Women and Development Essay: Women comprise half of the population on Earth. Traditionally, women were confined to homes and society required them to take care of the home and raise children. They were socially stratified and their movement and actions were restricted. However, in recent times, Women have asserted themselves in every field, including science, …

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My Village Essay | My Village Essay 10 Lines

My Village Essay: India’s cities have grown in the past few decades. People have been moving to cities in large numbers since cities offer a better and easy life while providing immense opportunities to grow. However, city life is also more complicated and can be extremely lonely despite being crowdy. 

Unemployment in India Essay

Unemployment in India Essay: For the past few decades, India has seen a high rate of economic growth and has even become the fastest-growing major economy in the world. But despite the high growth, India has had a high unemployment rate, especially after the coronavirus pandemic disrupted all everyday life.

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