Dimension of Surface Tension & its Derivation

Dimension of Surface Tension: Surface tension is the propensity of liquid surfaces that are at rest to condense into the smallest surface area. It is due to Surface Tension that objects ranging from small needles to large ships can float over water while being partially submerged. Due to cohesion, liquid molecules are more drawn to one another, increasing surface tension. The Dimension of Surface Tension is

M1L0T -2 

In this article, we obtain the Dimension of Surface Tension along with its derivations.

Dimension of Surface Tension

Dimension of Surface Tension and Its Derivation

The Dimensional Formula of Surface Tension is 


Derivation of Dimensional Formula of Surface Tension

The Dimensional Formula is written as follows.


Where L is Length, M is Mass, T is Time and a, b and c are the powers of M, L and T respectively

To Derive the Dimensional Formula of Surface Tension, we need to know the following

Dimension of Mass = M1L0T0

Dimension of Distance = M0L1T0

Dimension of Time = M0L0T1

Dimension of Velocity = M0L1T-1

We know that



The Dimensional Formula of Force is M1L1T-2. Click here to view the derivation



Hence proved that the Dimension of Surface Tension M1L0T-2 

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