Top 6 English to Marathi Translation Books

English to Marathi Translation Book: Marathi is the third most-spoken native language in India. The province of Maharashtra is home to the majority of speakers of the Indo-Aryan language Marathi. Marathi is used in the adjacent states of Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh in addition to being the official and primary language of Maharashtra. 

English to Marathi Translation Book

There are more than 83 million speakers of the language globally. A wide variety of poems, prose and other literary works are available in the Marathi language, which has a strong literary legacy. 

Due to this reason, people frequently require to translate Marathi into English. Hence, in this article, we provide you with English to Marathi Translation Book so that you can translate Marathi to English with ease.

English to Marathi Translation Book

1) Oxford English-Marathi Dictionary 

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Oxford Dictionaries are the most popular and authentic dictionaries throughout the world. Their dictionaries include a broad spectrum of subjects, including slang, technical terms, and everyday English usage. Additionally, they provide tools for authors, like grammar manuals and writing advice, as well as language materials for those learning the English language. Language teachers, professionals, and language learners all rely on Oxford Dictionaries.

2) A to Z English Grammar and Composition (with Marathi Explanation)

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The second book on our list of English to Marathi Translation Book is A to Z English Grammar and Composition (with Marathi Explanation). Dictionaries can be helpful only up to a limit. To learn English, one needs to learn grammar as well. This book teaches you English Grammer from Marathi grammar. This is a must-read book if you want to properly learn English grammar.

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3) Marathi-Marathi-English Dictionary

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Authored by Minaxi Savarkar, the third book on our list of English to Marathi Translation Book is Marathi-English Dictionary. This dictionary is unlike other dictionaries as it gives you the English and Marathi definitions of words in Marathi, making it easier for you to learn and expand your vocabulary.

4) Salaamchaus Dictionary (Marathi to English)

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The fourth book on our list of English to Marathi Translation Book is Salaamchaus Dictionary. This dictionary is a best-selling dictionary and contains translations of almost all Marathi words into English. It is one of the most popular Marathi-to-English dictionaries available.

5) Uttam Ani Achuk Ingraji Bola

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The sixth book on the list is Uttam Ani Achuk Ingraji Bola. In this, we will get to see the ideal examples of English conversation that are useful in almost all places like schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, hotels, and shops. A person who studies this book wholeheartedly will surely feel confident about speaking English after fear or hesitation of speaking English. A very useful book for students, professionals and housewives and gives the confidence to have a good English conversation!

6) Rapidex English Speaking Course (Marathi)

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Though the sixth book on the list is not a translation book, it is extremely useful in improving your English so that you don’t require a dictionary to search for meanings or use various translating software. Learning English is important no matter how old are you or how less it is required. Thus, one must give the book a try if he is willing to learn English properly and systematically from Marathi

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