Application for Full Fee Concession for class 7th, 8th & 9th

An Application for full fee concession is a formal request made by a student to the School or College authorities to get a full refund or a full waiver of the tuition fees of that school or college. This system of full fee concession is in place to allow students from the Economically Weaker Section to continue their studies without being required to pay large amounts of fee. This System has helped a lot of students to study and break the cycle of poverty and get admission to top universities on basis of merit.

In this article, we provide you with the format of an Application for Full Fee Concession. We request you read the full article to better understand the format of the application. We have also provided some points to consider while writing the application for Full Fee Concession for all classes including 7th class, 8th class, to make sure that your application is not rejected by the administrative authorities of the school/college. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Application for Full Fee Concession

What is Application for Full Fee Concession due to Financial Problems

An Application for Full Fee Concession due to financial problems is an application written by parents in order to secure the seat in the school despite their financial inability to continue their Child’s education. In case your ward is in school, you are required to write an application to your principal for full fee concession. In case your you are in college, you need to write an application for Full Fee Concession to the Dean of your college.

However, not all schools provide a system of fee concession. You first need to contact your administrative authorities to check whether they allow such concessions. Also, the presence of a system of fee concession does not guarantee that all the applicants will be provided full fee concession. Usually, a fixed maximum number of seats exists in all schools providing the concession. If number of applications exceed the maximum limit of fee waivers allowed, the school reserves a right to develop an elimination criteria to select some applications and reject other.

Rejection of Application for Full Fee Concession in School

In fact, rejection of an Application for Fee Concession is quite common. If the school authorities are not satisfied with the authenticity of your application or of financial problems, your application can be rejected. It can also be rejected if the number of applications for full fee concession exceeds the number of seats available for students availing full fee concessions. Hence, an applicant needs to keep a few points in mind while writing an Application to principal for Fee Concession.

  • Your case must seem genuine and authentic.
  • The affidavit (if required) must contain either a valid reason or the annual income shown must be less than the threshold income level for availing full fee concessions.
  • It should not appear that the applicant is in a condition of paying the fees but is not willing to pay it
  • You must not avail any scholarship or funding from other sources to continue the education. If it is later found that the student is availing both the scholarship and fee concession, strict action can be taken by the school/college authorities.
  • The reason provided for full fee concession must be broad enough for the authorities to be convinced. In other words, your reason should be convincing enough.
  • It must be kept in mind that the fee concession is an executive action, i.e. such a system can be ended without giving a chance to the students or their parents to defend their cases.
  • If you are a Girl Child, the CBSE has provided a scholarship scheme. Please make sure your ward is not a beneficiary of the scheme while applying for Fee Concession.

You need to make sure that you are writing an Application for Sick Leave in English with no grammatical or lexical errors. In short, your English must be free of all kinds of errors and, at the same time, impactful. Please have a look at an example here on essay writing before you write them

Application for Full Fee Concession Format

The Principal

[Name of your School],

[School’s Address],

[School’s City]

Respected ma’am/sir,

I hope this letter finds you well. I write this application to let you know that I [Parent’s Name], Mother / Father of [Ward’s Name] of Class [Class and Section of the ward] want to avail the full fee concession provided by the school to students lacking financial ability to pursue education.

I apply for the full fee concession because [list down and elaborate upon your reasons here while keeping the above enumerated points in mind]

I hope that the school will consider my case and provide my ward a full fee concession.

Thank You


[Name of the Parent] [Name of the Student] [Class & Section of the Student]

So that’s it.

We hope that you liked the article and that it was helpful in providing the format of Application for Full Fee Concession in English. We request you to share this article with someone who needs to write an Application for Full Fee Concession in school or college in English and your friends as well. We hope to see you again. Thank You for choosing Vocation India.

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