ACP Full Form in Police – Salary, Perks and Allowances

ACP Full Form in Police is Assistant Commissioner of Police. It is a senior post in the Indian Police Service hierarchy and also an important one. In this article, we present to you the ACP full form and the roles, responsibilities and salary of an ACP. 

ACP Full Form

What is ACP Full Form in Police

At the district level, ACP is an extremely important and crucial post in Indian Police Service. As by now you might already know, ACP Full Form is Assistant Commissioner of Police. An Assistant Commissioner of Police is junior to a Commissioner of Police and is responsible for the entire police force in the city or district or a part of it. 

An ACP is an Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer who works up to a district level. Direct recruitment does not take place for this post and all vacancies are filled by promotion from lower ranks. The selection of candidates is done through the highly competitive Civil Services Exam (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) annually.

The post of ACP is not present in the Police Department of every State or City. It is there only in large and important cities of a State, where the Commisionerate system of Police is in place. Thus, these cities also have the Commissioner of Police (CP) as the head of the entire police of the city or district. 

India has 71 towns, cities and districts under the Police Commissionerate System spread across 16 states. The rank of these officers, i.e. the Commissioner of Police (CP) and the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) is also not fixed. It depends upon the city. For example, the ranks of the CP of Delhi and Mumbai are as high as the Director General of Police (DGP), while that of Nizamabad, Telangana is as low as the Superintendent of Police (SP). Thus, the CP and ACP can be officers of ranks ranging from DGP and IGP to SSP and SP.

India is not the only country that has posts for Assistant Commissioner of Police. The Commisionerate System is also found in countries like Bangladesh, The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong etc. India got this system from the British during their colonial rule over India. 

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Roles and Responsibility of an ACP

The following are the roles and responsibilities expected from an ACP

  1. Maintenance of law and order in the area assigned in the district
  2. To protect, preserve and defend the Constitution of India
  3. To protect the property of the Citizens of the city or district served by the Officer.
  4. To prevent any communal tensions to spring up in the city or district
  5. To ensure that crime rates in the city or district remain as low as possible
  6. To maintain harmony among the citizens or residents of the city or district

Salary and Allowances of ACP in India

So now that you know ACP Full Form, we, in this section, will tell you how much an ACP earns in a month.

The salaries of IPS Officers vary with the Pay Commissions. Another thing that determines the salary of an ACP is the rank which is served by him/her. For example, an ACP serving in a metropolitan might be of the rank of Inspector General of Police (IGP). The salary of the ACP then would be around 20 lakhs per year. On the other hand, an ACP in a rural district might be of the rank as low as Superintendent of Police ( SP). This makes the salary of an ACP substantially low, to around 87,000 a month. 

Along with a high salary, an ACP also receives many perks. This includes a government bungalow, a Personal Car, daily travelling allowances, electricity allowances and much more. Above all, one gets prestige and fame as a senior police officer.

Indian Police Service Hierarchy in India

In case you are wondering what is the hierarchy of the Indian Police Service, we will tell you in this section. The hierarchy mentioned is from low to high i.e., from small to high posts. 

Assistant Superintendent of Police (serving for just one year) (ASP)
Assistant Superintendent of Police (serving for just two years) (ASP)
Deputy superintendent of police (DSP)
Additional superintendent of police (Ad. SP)
Superintendent of Police (SP)
Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) / Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)
Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
Inspector General of Police (IGP)
Additional Director General of Police (ADGP)
Director General of Police (DGP)

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