SSP Full Form in Police

SSP Full Form in Police is Senior Superintendent of Police. A Senior Superintendent of Police is the head of the police of a district. This article discusses the full form, role, and significance of a Senior Superintendent of Police. It will also discuss the various ranks in Indian Police Service.

SSP Full Form

What is SSP and SSP Full Form in Police

Here, we tell you in detail what is SSP and SSP Full Form in Police

As mentioned above, the SSP Full Form in Police is Senior Superintendent of Police. A Senior Superintendent of Police heads the police of a large district, a densely populated district, or a district heavily affected by Naxal Violence.

A Senior Superintendent of Police is senior to a Superintendent of Police. Usually, in most of the districts in India, the police in a district are headed by a Superintendent of Police. The Superintendent of Police is assisted by the Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) and  Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP / DySP). 

All of the above, i.e. Senior Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police, Additional Superintendent of Police and Deputy Superintendent of Police are IPS officers. They are selected through a highly competitive process of the Union Public Service Commission Examination or the State Public Service Commission Examination.

If a candidate cracks UPSC, she/he receives further training at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, which is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. It is the institute where the training of Indian Police Service (IPS) officers takes place before they are sent to their state cadres.

Hence, an SSP full form in Police is one of the most-asked questions about SSP. Many people have the desire to become an SSP of a district. The job of an SSP in Police is to maintain law and order in the district and report to the Government of the State. She / He is responsible for the peace and tranquillity in a district and strives to keep all the anti-social elements away or in lock up. Thus, the well-being of citizens of a district is directly in the hands of an SSP.

SSP Police full form and Salary

The SSP full form, as mentioned above, is Senior Superintendent of Police. There are two pay levels of an SSP. They are Pay Level 12 and Pay Level 13. According to the 7th Pay Commission, the basic pay in Pay Level 12 is Rs. 78,800 per month and allowances of Rs. 50,624 per month, making the cumulative salary Rs. 1,29,424 per month.

The basic pay in Pay Level 13 is Rs. 1,23,100 with an annual increment of Rs. 3700. An SSP also gets a government bungalow with staff and a personal vehicle for transit. As you can see, an SSP, along with considerable power, enjoys a high salary, and perks and allowances.

What is the difference between a Police Commissioner and SSP?

The post of SSP is not mentioned in the Indian Police Act, 1861. It is an ad hoc arrangement for big and highly populated cities and districts, where law and order problems can be challenging. In many cities such as Mumbai and Delhi, a Commissioner of Police heads the entire police of the district, instead of a Senior Superintendent of Police. The Commissioner of Police is Assisted by a Assistant Commissioner of Police, whose rank is the same as that of a Superintendent of Police.

Hierarchy of Indian Police Service

The following list shows you the entire hierarchy of the Indian Police System. The position mentioned as number one is the highest and rank increases with the listed numbers. 

  1. Director General of Police (DGP)
  2. Additional Director General of Police (ADGP)
  3. Inspector General of Police (IGP)
  4. Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
  5. Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) / Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)
  6. Superintendent of Police (SP)
  7. Additional superintendent of police (Ad. SP)
  8. Deputy superintendent of police (DSP)
  9. Assistant Superintendent of Police (serving for just two years) (ASP)
  10. Assistant Superintendent of Police (serving for just one year) (ASP)

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