Dimensions of Speed of Light | Speed of Light Dimension

Dimensions of Speed of Light: The Speed of light in the vacuum is approximately 3×108 m/s. The Speed of Light decreases as the density of the substance it is travelling into increases. Since the Speed of Light is basically speed, the dimensional formula of speed of light is equal to the dimensional formula of speed. Thus, in this article, we present to you the Dimensional Formula of Speed of Light which is

M0L1T -1

Dimensions of Speed of Light

Dimensions of Speed of Light

As mentioned above, the Speed of Light Dimension is equal to the dimensional formula of speed. The Dimensional Formula of Speed is given below.


Dimensional Formulae are written in the form:



M represents Mass

L represents Length

T represents Time

and a, b, c are the powers of M, L, and T respectively.

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Three blocks with masses m 2m and 3m are connected by strings, as shown in the figure. After an upward force F is applied on block m, the masses move upward at constant speed v. What is the net force on the block of mass 2m?A particle moving along x-axis has acceleration f, at time t, given f=f nod(1-t/T), where f nod and T are constants. The particle at t=0 has zero velocity. When f=0, the particle’s velocity is?

Derivation of Dimensions of Speed of Light | Derivation of Speed of Light Dimension

Since we know that 




  • Dimension of Distance = M0L1T0
  • Dimension of Time = M0L0T1



Hence proved that the Dimensions of Speed of Light is M0L1T-1

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