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Essay on Narendra Modi: Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime Minister of India. He is a charismatic leader and is considered one of the best Prime Ministers India has ever had. His life journey has inspired many Indians and non-Indians alike. He started out as a tea seller and went ahead to become the Prime Minister. He is also an extremely famous world leader and has increased the stature of India on the world stage. Thus, we present an Essay on Narendra Modi 150 words and Essay on Narendra Modi in English 500 words.

Essay on Narendra Modi

Essay on Narendra Modi 150 Words

Essay on Narendra Modi 150 Words is as follows

Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime Minister of the Republic of India. He is one of the most popular leaders India has ever had. He was born into a poor family and had witnessed a hard childhood, working as a tea seller to help his father run a tea stall at Vadnagar Railway Station in Gujarat. But his poverty didn’t discourage him from dreaming to serve the nation. In fact, he was determined to serve the nation from an early age. 

In 2001 he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Under his rule, the state made huge progress socially, culturally and economically. A large number of foreign and national companies invested in Gujarat which created many jobs and reduced the poverty of the state. He had successfully created a ‘Gujarat Model’. After showing his capabilities in Gujarat, he was chosen as the Prime Minister in 2014 by the people of India. Since then, he has taken India to new heights. 

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Essay on Narendra Modi 500 Words

Essay on Narendra Modi 500 Words is as follows

Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 15th and the current Prime Minister of India. He became the Prime Minister in 2014. Before that, he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014. He was immensely popular in Gujarat and was elected in a landslide victory. Since 2014, he has worked relentlessly to improve India’s stature in the World and the various social and economic indicators. 

While he was heading the state of Gujarat, it saw a period of tremendous growth. Under his rule, Gujarat started receiving 24 hours of electricity supply, smooth rural and urban roads, high income levels and income growths, saw an increase in tourism and tourism development, infrastructure development, created a business-friendly environment, improved quality of healthcare, improved quality of both primary and secondary schools and much more. 

Since he became the Prime Minister, Mr Modi has unleashed many flagship schemes and initiatives such as the celebration of International Yoga Day, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Digital India, Skill India, Ayushmann Bharat etc. These schemes have greatly helped India to rise from multidimensional poverty and the state of illiteracy, and have provided better healthcare, schooling facilities, vocational training, economic opportunities, public facilities, cleanliness, security, jobs, a business-friendly environment and much more.

Prime Minister Modi is an immensely popular leader, not only in India but all across the world. He has friendly relations with Presidents and Prime Ministers of various countries. He has received National Awards and medals from many countries such as the United Arab Emirates, The Maldives, Russia, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan etc. Since he came to power, India’s stature and standing in the world have increased drastically. India is now present at all major events of the world and no important decision can take place without India being involved. Also, major countries such as The United States of America, China, Russia, Great Britain and France now offer India a respectable place in the world standing.

India has seen high growth in the years since Mr Modi came to power, in terms of Social, economic and cultural stature. India has also asserted itself culturally and has spread Indian values to all parts of the world. Prime Minister Modi has also spread the message of Mahatama Gandhi regarding peace and non-violence throughout the world which has had a great impact.  

On the domestic front, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has had great achievements. He has increased the strength of India’s Armed Forces by equipping it with sophisticated weaponry and infrastructure. India has also increased its security which has made people feel safer and more secure. India, under Prime Minister Modi, has become a strong nation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a leader who is taking our nation forward. He is a strong leader who is known for taking tough decisions on corruption, crime, black money, reducing poverty, etc. He is a disciplined person who does not tolerate any misgovernance. Also, he is immensely loved by the people of India for developing the nation like never before.

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