GK Questions on Cricket |Cricket Quiz Questions with Answers

GK Questions on Cricket: Cricket is the most popular sport in India and second most in the world after Football. It is a bat-ball game whose origins can be traced to 16th Century England. It is played between two teams, each consisting of 11 players. It comes in numerous formats such as Test Cricket, Twenty 20 (T-20) and One Day Internationals (ODIs).

GK Questions on Cricket

On the world stage, cricket is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). In India, the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) manages all the affairs associated with cricket. 

Due to the overwhelming importance of cricket, it is important to have basic knowledge about it. Thus, we present to you the following GK Questions on Cricket to check your general knowledge of cricket.

GK Questions on Cricket

Which of the following is the only cricketer to have scored a double century in both Test and ODI cricket?

Which of the following cricket balls is used in Test matches?

Which of the following country has won ICC T20 World Cup titles the most times?

Which Indian politician has served as the President of International Cricket Council?

Which of the following bowler has taken the most wickets ever?

Who won the Award for ICC Men's Cricketer of the Year 2022?

In which city are the headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC) located?

Which of the following is the highest-ever Score in Test Matches?

Which of the following Countries is not a Full Member of the ICC?

Which cricketer scored 400 runs in a single test innings?

Which country has won the maximum number of Under-19 Cricket World Cups?

Which country won the ICC World Cup 2015?

Which of the following cricket team has won ICC Cricket World Cup the most times?

What is the number of players from the bowling side that are permitted to be outside the 30-yard (27.43 meters)during the power-play overs in T20 International matches?

Who of the following has never been a member of the Elite Panel of ICC Referees?

In which year was the first-ever Cricket World Cup held?

The first Cricket World Cup was hosted by which country?

Which Country Won the first-ever held World Cup?

Who holds the record for scoring most runs (aggregate) in ICC World Test Championship?

Which Cricketer holds the record for the highest score in Test cricket?

Which Cricketer holds the record for the fastest century in T20 International cricket?

Which Cricket Team tops the list of ICC Men's ODI Team Rankings?

The title "Sultan of Swings" is associated with which Pakistani Batsman?

Which Cricketer has scored the most runs in ODI?

How many bouncers per over are permitted in One Day Internationals (ODIs)?

GK Questions on Cricket: About ICC

ICC, or International Cricket Council, is the governing body of international cricket. It was first established in 1909 as the Imperial Cricket Conference and was renamed to its current name in 1987.  It has 108 members in total, with 12 being full members and the rest being associate members. 

The International Cricket Council has the following responsibilities:

1. Organizing and governing major international cricket matches, notably including the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, and ICC World Test Championship.

2. Appointing umpires and referees to do umpiring in the Test matches, One Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals organized by it.

3. Formulating the ICC Code of Conduct and making sure that the players and other stakeholders adhere to it in international cricket matches.

4. ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) maintains integrity and fairness in the matches by dealing with drugs and bribery scandals, corruption and, most importantly, match-fixing. 

5. To set the criteria of and present the ICC Awards to encourage, recognize and honour talented players.

6. Telecasting the ICC Cricket World Program, a weekly 30-minute program that highlights the developments in the realm of cricket and the ICC.

7. The Elite Panel of ICC Referees represent the ICC at all its Test and ODI matches

8. Promotion and development of cricket worldwide. It also aims to increase the reach of cricket to other groups such as women.

9. It provides support and assistance to its member boards in areas such as cricket development, infrastructure, and administration.

10. To manage the broadcasting of the live matches organized by it.

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