Should Plastic Be Banned Essay | How to Write the Essay

Should Plastic Be Banned Essay: Plastic is a polymer that can be moulded, shaped or pressed easily. They have completely revolutionised many industries, evident by their ubiquitous presence, owing to their properties. These very properties, however, have led to huge environmental degradation.

Should Plastic Be Banned Essay

Since its discovery in the 19th century, plastic has played a vital role in the development of economies around the world. Regardless of whether it is good or bad for the environment, or whether you support or oppose a ban on plastic, the importance of plastic is hardly debatable.

In this article, we provide a Should Plastic Be Banned Essay – arguing for the ban and a Should Plastic Be Banned Essay – arguing against the ban. We have also provided tips regarding how to write a Should Plastic Be Banned Essay.

Should Plastic Be Banned Essay – Arguing for the Ban

A Should Plastic Be Banned Essay – Arguing for the Ban is as follows

Plastics have played a significant role in modern society. Its long-lasting nature, coupled with the durability it offers and the low cost of production, has played an important role in the development of humans for more than a century. Without plastic being there, it would have been extremely difficult for us to develop such quickly in the last century or so. 

Having said that, the picture is not entirely bright. The extensive use of plastic has caused widespread environmental degradation, damaged ecosystems, immense pollution, and impacted human, animal and marine lives negatively. Moreover, microplastics have now contaminated the human body, soil, air and water, causing health hazards.

Plastic, being non-biodegradable, sticks around for hundreds of years after being disposed of. This means that its rate of decomposition is far less than its rate of production. Additionally, many toxic chemicals are used to produce plastic, such as phthalates and BPAs, which contaminate the soil on which they are dumped, thus contaminating the groundwater and causing harm to plant life in areas around. 

Its impact on marine life is perhaps more acute. Human activity and carelessness have led the plastic waste ending up in rivers, seas and oceans. Discarded and disposed of one-time plastic products such as wraps, bottles etc. end up in oceans and, as a result, get consumed by marine animals. These animals are then consumed by other animals and even humans

There have been numerous attempts by scientists and engineers to make plastic biodegradable, but there hasn’t been a breakthrough. There also have been numerous campaigns to recycle plastic, but have failed due to its complexity and expensive nature. We are thus left with only one alternative – to ban plastic and use nature-friendly alternatives. 

There are a plethora of products that can be used in place of plastic. For instance, plastic bags can be replaced by jute and cloth bags, paper and cardboard can replace plastic packaging, wooden furniture can easily replace plastic furniture, steel and brass bottles are a healthy alternative to plastic bottles and so on. However, a combined action is necessary in order to replace plastic completely which will require a combination of government policy and civil action.

In conclusion, it must be highlighted that plastic has contributed immensely to the growth and industrialization of poor countries which has lifted millions of people out of poverty. However, the hazardous side of using plastic might undo the progress we have made for centuries. The time has come to abandon plastic altogether. 

Should Plastic Be Banned Essay

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Should Plastic Be Banned Essay – Arguing against the Ban

A Should Plastic Be Banned Essay – Arguing against the Ban is as follows

The world has grown at an unprecedented speed over the last several decades. Many factors have contributed to the high growth, including cheap products. Plastic is such a product. However, plastic products have caused widespread pollution impacting every form of life on Earth in some or the other way. 

However, the widespread pollution and hazard that it is causing, though being a cause of serious concern, don’t qualify as an argument to ban plastic altogether. Air pollution is a far greater concern and has a far more hazardous impact on life, but we hardly hear any calls for banning the usage of coal or oil. That is because in both cases, banning would prove to be counterproductive.

First, it is important to highlight the benefits of using plastic products. Healthcare is one of the most important industries that widely use plastic products. Single-use plastic products such as syringes, gloves and bottles, and even heavy machines are extremely important for saving lives and maintaining hygiene. Banning such medical products and equipment made of plastic will perhaps endanger far greater lives than it would save. 

Also, with plastic is associated our food security. Packaging using plastic ensures the longevity of the food products, thus reducing food scarcity and wastage. Plastic products are also light, malleable and durable, thus reducing the cost of transportation and replacement. The plastic industry also provides jobs to millions of people directly and indirectly.

But perhaps the greatest thorn in banning plastic is the cost of its alternative products, both in monetary and ecological sense. The various replacements will be surely costly and less durable and malleable, thus increasing the ecological cost (in terms of the pollution generated) of manufacturing, storing and transporting them. This will undo the purpose of banning plastic.

The above arguments are no denials of the hazardous nature of plastic pollution. Instead of banning plastic, we need to have a more practical and easy solution to regulate the use of plastic. Governments must enact laws regarding the recycling of plastic as well as provide subsidies in order to ensure that recycling generates profits. Reusable products must also replace unnecessary one-time plastic products. NGOs must also play an active role. But the outcome depends upon the civil society and people and their dedication to solving the crisis.

Should Plastic Be Banned Essay

How to write a Should Plastic Be Banned Essay

Keep the following points in mind while writing your Should Plastic Be Banned Essay

  1. You must be factually correct and logically sound in your arguments, be it for or against the ban
  2. While writing Should Plastic Be Banned Essay- arguing against the ban, you must not be ignorant of the hazardous nature and environmental degradation caused by plastic pollution
  3. While writing a Should Plastic Be Banned Essay – Arguing for the Ban, you must not ignore the importance of plastic in industrial development and other fields
  4. Your essay must be divided into three parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. 
  5. In the introduction, you must highlight the general facts about the topic and the concerns about the ever-increasing plastic pollution
  6. The body shall be the main part of your essay. It must contain the arguments you want to put in for or against the ban. Your arguments must be concise and logical and the language used must be clear and comprehensible. If possible, provide quotes, references and examples to provide a compelling argument. 
  7. The conclusion must contain the final arguments that must conclude logically the essay
  8. If possible, do proofreading and ask for feedback from experts

We hope that now you will be able to write your own Should Plastic Be Banned Essay

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