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My Favourite Teacher Essay: We all have had at least one teacher who is our favourite. Our favourite teacher makes the class and the subject interesting. Our favourite teacher also best guides us in our studies and extracurricular activities. All these qualities make My Favourite Teacher Essay one of the most common essays students are asked to write as classwork or homework. 

Hence, we present to you three My Favourite Teacher Essay and My Favourite Teacher Essay 10 lines to help you write a good My Favourite Teacher Essay.

my favourite teacher essay

My Favourite Teacher Essay #1

My Favourite Teacher Essay #1 is as follows

A Favourite teacher is not only a good teacher but also acts as a good guide. Like a friend, our favourite teacher understands us at every point and helps us in all possible ways. Our favourite teacher is the one teacher whose teachings we find most valuable. 

My favourite teacher is Neerja Malhotra ma’am. Neerja ma’am teaches us science and is also our class teacher. She is a very helpful person and never scolds any student. She is also a very good teacher. She teaches her subject very well and her way of teaching makes the class interesting. She clears our doubts quickly and effectively by explaining them nicely and patiently to the students who have difficulty understanding the topics.

Neerja ma’am is a young, intelligent and lenient teacher. She never scolds any student, even if they don’t do their homework. She gives special attention to the students who are weak in studies or weak in Science. Unlike other teachers, she doesn’t scold the weak students for not being good in their studies and not being intelligent. Thus, the students enjoy her classes very much. When her class ends and she leaves, I feel sad.

Neerja ma’am has good teaching capabilities. She covers all the topics mentioned in the syllabus and explains them thoroughly. She uses her practical experience to make us understand simple scientific phenomena and experiments. She makes the class such fun and interesting that Science has become the favourite subject of many students and many students have excelled in the subject.

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My Favourite Teacher Essay #2

My Favourite Teacher Essay #2 is as follows

My favourite teacher is Vijay Kumar Sir. He teaches us Mathematics and is very good at it. He is a tall, smart and intelligent teacher who really cares for the students. He makes sure that each student understands the topic being taught well. His style of teaching has made learning mathematics fun to such an extent that many students now see Maths as their favourite subject.

The thing I like the most about Vijay Sir is the way he teaches. Since maths involves equations and formulae, he always asks us to practice more and more. He never supports rote learning of mathematics; instead, he explains each question with logic and makes us understand the concept behind it. He also explains the practical uses of many topics and chapters.

Despite his brilliant teaching techniques, he never forces students to study all day. He understands the importance of sports, and thus encourages students to play for at least one hour a day. He even insists on playing video games and mobile games since, according to him, they play an important role in the overall development of a student. He also encourages us to make more friends and interact with each other.

Earlier, I used to hate Mathematics since the teachers were unable to explain the concepts logically. Hence, I had to do rote learning to get satisfactory grades. Since the day Vijay Sir started teaching us Maths, not only has my interest in the subject increased, but I have also started obtaining good marks in my tests. Moreover, he has encouraged us to participate in various quiz contests and intra-school competitions as well as Math Olympiads in which many of his students have excelled. 

Vijay Sir has made studying maths fun. He is liked by most of the students in school. He is also a kind person who never discriminates against students who are weak in their studies. He is loved by many, and there are many more students who think like me and consider him their favourite teacher.

My Favourite Teacher Essay #3

My Favourite Teacher Essay #3 is as follows

A good teacher is one who builds the future of his students and guides them in their crucial turning points of their life. But if a teacher has such qualities and establishes a personal connection with a student, he/she becomes the favourite teacher of the student. The teacher who has done such wonders in my life is Ms Suchita Dalal ma’am. She teaches History and is also our class teacher.

Suchita ma’am stands out from all the rest of the teachers at my school. Though all the teachers are good and knowledgeable teachers and teach their respective subjects well, Suchita ma’am is the only teacher who establishes a personal connection with the students. She understands the problems faced by any student on a personal level, whether they are related to studies or not. 

Suchita ma’am has a unique way of teaching History unmatched by others. In contrast with other history teachers who merely read out the dates and facts, she explains each event in history with interactive maps. She makes her students imagine the time and the event in such a way that rote learning of dates, facts and names is hardly required. 

Suchita ma’am is not formal most of the time. She personally goes to the student if she/he is facing any problem. She even talks to the parents of a student if she thinks that their ward needs special attention. She is a lenient and soft-spoken teacher who never scolds her students. All these qualities make her my favourite teacher and the best teacher of History

My Favourite Teacher 10 Lines

Please check out My Favourite Teacher Essay 10 Lines below

  1. My Favourite teacher is a very kind, generous and understanding teacher
  2. She teaches her subject very well and with great passion
  3. She is always ready to help each student who is facing any problem in her subject
  4. She also gives extra classes to weak students
  5. She is a sincere teacher who takes her profession very seriously
  6. She is neither too strict nor too lenient with the students
  7. She teaches Geography and has made the subject very interesting for her students
  8. She is a smart teacher who knows beforehand what problems in the subject students will face
  9. She never encourages rote learning and encourages students to play as well, instead of just studying
  10. All these factors make her my favourite teacher

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