PPDT Pictures with Stories for SSB

SSB is the final stage of recruitment for various types of defence exams, such as NDA, conducted by UPSC. It is very important for a student to prepare well for this stage if he or she wants to get into Armed Forces successfully. PPDT or Picture Perception and Description Test is a test taken on the first day of the SSB process. Hence, a candidate needs to thoroughly prepare for PPDT Pictures with Stories for SSB

If you are preparing for the SSB screening process, this article is extremely important for you. In this article, we tell you about the PPDT test and share with you PPDT Pictures with stories for SSB. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

PPDT Pictures

What is PPDT and What are PPDT Pictures with Stories for SSB

PPDT stands for Picture Perception and Description Test and it is conducted on the first day of the SSB process just after the Intelligence Test. The PPDT is designed in such a manner so as to test your thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs, prejudices, thought processes etc. As the name suggests, the test tests your perception of a picture and how you describe what you perceive.

This is an important test that tests the emotional ability of a person. If your perception and description are aligned with the perception of the board members, you make it to the second stage.

PPDT is conducted in the first stage just after the OIR Test (Officers Intelligence Rating Test). In PPDT Test, the candidates who make it to the SSB are shown pictures that depict a circumstance or a situation. Each candidate is given 30 seconds to look at the PPDT picture.

The Candidate is then required to write the story on a sheet of paper. Only 4 minutes and 30 seconds are given to a candidate to write down the story. The candidate needs to write down the story.

This might seem tough to crack in the first instance. But it only requires the right strategy to crack the test. In this article, we will answer all your doubts about PPDT Pictures with stories for SSB.

Points to remember in SSB about PPDT Pictures

In a PPDT Test, you are required to look at the SSB PPDT pictures and write down the story that it describes. Here we list down some important points to remember regarding SSB PPDT images while you are appearing for the test. You need to remember them while attempting PPDT Pictures with Stories for SSB

  1. Only one PPDT picture or PPDT image is shown to you during the PPDT test
  2. You are given only 30 seconds to look at the PPDT picture or PPDT image
  3. You are given 4 minutes and 30 seconds to write down your story
  4. Then, a group will be formed consisting of 12-14 candidates. Candidates of each group will be required to discuss the story amongst themselves.
  5. Each candidate is given one minute to narrate his/her story in front of the Board Members
  6. Then, you will be asked to come to a common conclusion

PPDT Pictures with stories for SSB

In this section, we present to you unique and new PPDT Pictures with Stories for SSB. You can see them and try to practice yourself. We have provided stories for four of the images, i.e. we have given four PPDT images with answers, and the rest are for your practice. So, without any more delay, let’s begin with the exercise.

PPDT Picture with Stories – 1

Bhagyashree belongs to a rich family. His father is a rich businessman in Chennai. She is the only child of the old couple, who had wished for a boy, but due to some problem, her mother couldn’t give birth to another child. Her father had fixed her marriage with son of another rich businessman. But Bhagyashree did not wanted to get married. She wanted to study further. But her father insisted and she could not say no to the man who had took care of her for so many years. She cried a lot the moment when she was leaving her home and her dreams

PPDT Picture with Stories- 2

Ramesh is 20 years old. He lives in the city of Kanpur, but was born in Village Dibiyapur in Unnao district. At a young age, his father and mother died in a road accident making the young Ramesh orphan. He started working at a farm before he finally moved to his current city to work as a daily wage labourer. He has been alone since then and has no relative. He works at a small factory and pulls a rickshaw to deliver pipes for construction.

PPDT Picture with Stories- 3

Kartar Singh works as a Tempo driver in India’s Capital city Delhi. He comes from a small village in Punjab. His work was going well until Coronavirus struck. The pandemic made him leave his work. When the lockdown was imposed, he and two of his friend, also from Punjab, met to plan to head back to home. All three of them were tensed because of joblessness and lack of money. They had no vehicle with which they could go back to their villages. But they had to go back to their loved ones.

PPDT Picture with Stories- 4

Tom Harris is a soldier in the United States Armed Forces. He is also a family man. He gets just one month holiday in a year to go back to his home. One month passes quickly and it is soon time to go back to the boarder. But whenever he gets ready to go back, his three-year old son starts crying badly. The kid, who meets his father for just one month a year, wants his father to stay. But Tom tries to convince his son and calm him down since he cannot stay any longer due to his job.

PPDT Pictures for SSB for practice

In this section, we provide you with some PPDT Pictures for SSB for practice. We suggest you practice with these PPDT images.

PPDT Picture – 5

PPDT Books

PPDT image – 6
PPDT Picture – 7
PPDT photo – 8
PPDT Picture – 9
PPDT Picture – 10

PPDT Test process

 As mentioned above, the purpose of a PPDT test is to assess your emotional, descriptive, and perceptive abilities of a candidate. The process is designed to assess the same. You will be shown one hazy picture of a scene that needs to be described by you on a sheet of paper.

You will be given 30 seconds for seeing the image and 4 minutes and 30 seconds to write the story. Then you will be invited for a Group Discussion (GD) in which your ability to narrate will be assessed. The GD will take place amongst 12-14 candidates. In the end, you all will be required to form a single story of the image.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PPDT pictures for SSB

1)    How do you write a good PPDT story?

Ans) To write a good story, you need to practice as much as you can. Narrate the story depicted in the image by showing your descriptive skills.

2)    How do you write a PPDT image?

Ans) You need to narrate the story by making sure that it covers all the characters presented in the story

3)    How can I practice PPDT at home?

Ans) You can practice writing PPDT stories at home through Vocation India. We have offered numerous images for practice. Visit our page on PPDT Pictures with Stories for SSB for more information.

4)    How can I improve my PPDT?

Ans) Practice is the only thing that can give you success. Practice as much PPDT images as you can.

5)    How many slides are shown in PPDT?

Ans) Only one image is shown in PPDT for SSB

6)    How many stories are there in PPDT?

Ans) You are required to write just a single story in PPDT.

7)    What is hazy PPDT pictures?

Ans) In the PPDT, the images shown are often hazy, and are sometimes not clear. So, the candidates must be ready for such circumstances.

So thats it.

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