Wonder of Science Essay 200 – 500 words for Class 1 to 10

Wonder of Science Essay: Science is a blessing to humans. It has improved our quality of life and made it comfortable. Scientific Machines, devices and gadgets have now become a very necessary part of our lives. It is such a wonder to see how much we are dependent upon science for the smallest of things. To put it simply, there are a lot of Wonder of Science present all around us that we need to see and recognise. Hence, we present to you Wonder of Science Essay in 200 – 500 words for class 1 to 10.

This article will help you write Wonder of Science Essay in 200 or 500 words for classes 1st to 10th. We have also noted down some points that you should remember while writing your Wonder of Science Essay. This is going to be a very interesting article if you are interested in science. So, without any delay, let’s get started with the essay and the ten points.

Wonder of Science Essay

Wonder of Science Essay in 10 Points

Here, we tell you about 10 points that you must remember while writing your Wonder of Science Essay. These points are very helpful for students of class 1 and 2:

  1. Science is everywhere around us. It is impossible to imagine our life without science.
  2. Humans have made huge progress in science in the past few hundred years that have made our life easy.
  3. In past few hundred years, Machines have completely changed the way we do things.
  4. Earlier people used to look at birds and wonder how do they fly. Now, Science has made it possible for Humans to fly.
  5. Medical Science has saved many lives and cured diseases of people. People now live long and healthy lives.
  6. Science has transformed the way we transport goods and people. Earlier, it used to take several days to move from one place to another. Now it takes only a few hours.
  7. The electronic gadgets have completely changed the way we do most of our daily work. We can call, send messages and attend meetings on our mobile phones. Earlier, it took days for a message to reach its receiver.
  8. Science has made our lives safer. It has given us access to safe water, safe food and good clothing.
  9. With the help of Science, humans have now been able to go into Space and step on Moon. We are now planning to go to other planets also.
  10. Science has made it easy for all people to get educated. Earlier, the cost of education was too high for everybody. Now, books are available for free on the internet.

Wonder of Science Essay 200 Words

Here, we present to you Wonder of Science Essay for class 1 and 2 in 200 words.

The World is full of Wonder of Science. In fact, we can see its wonders all around us. It has not only made our lives happier, longer and healthier but also easier and more comfortable. Since the first scientific invention, which was the Wheel, humans have invented so much in so little time. It is such a wonder that just a hundred years ago, people used to travel on horses. Now, we have superfast trains and aeroplanes to travel from one corner of the world to another.

Science has made our lives easy to live. With the help of an Air Conditioner, we can keep the heat of summer away. In winter, we can use heaters to keep our bodies warm. Medical Science has made us live longer and has protected us from harmful diseases and viruses. It has helped us to make our loved ones stay with us for a longer time. Engineering has the greatest impact on our lives. It has given us machines, without which, nowadays, it has become almost impossible to live and do work. So, I conclude, there are many wonders of science which have made the lives of humans wonderful.

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Wonder of Science Essay for Class 9th and 10th (500 Words)

In this section, we present to you Wonder of Science Essay for class 9th and 10th in 500 words. Please read the full composition.

Look around yourself. What do you see? Whatever you see is somehow related to Science. That shows us the extent to which we are dependent upon Science in our everyday lives. It is a Wonder in itself that Science has gotten into our lives this deeply. Things that looked near impossible just a few hundred years ago are now a reality. It has made almost everything possible.

Science is everywhere. From things, as small as microchips in our mobile phones to huge satellites that float around the earth, Science has penetrated our surroundings. It is our ability to understand our environment that makes Science. Hence, Science has given us solutions in every field – from biotechnology and bio-medicine to cure diseases to leather jackets to keep us warm, and from cellular devices to communicate to plastic containers to contain stuff, Science is the ultimate go-to for all our problems. Isn’t it a wonder that we rely upon Science for all our problems?

Science has made our lives easier and has made us do our work more quickly. Since the Industrial Revolution, inventions have been made continuously to make the work we do easy and quick. This has greatly helped us to do our work in a fraction of the time. Modern methods of transport have made us travel extremely quickly. Another example is modern communication technologies. Earlier, it used to take days and even weeks just to deliver a single message. Today, it can be done in a matter of seconds.

Science has further reduced the efforts required to do work. Be it lifting heavy weights with help of electromagnetism or transporting heavy materials through locomotives, our efforts have been reduced to a great extent. Electricity has also contributed to it. Fans, Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners etc. have reduced the effort required to do the daily essential work. This has resulted in improved quality of life by decreasing the amount of labor. It has also given us time to enjoy our lives with our family and friends.

Science has also contributed to making and keeping us healthy and fit. With the help of Medical Science, numerous medicines have been invented to keep our bodies healthy. It has given us numerous technologies, such as MRI and X-Ray Scanning techniques, that can scan our bodies and the problems that are not visible to the naked eye.

But Science also has its ugly sides. Science has created many dangerous weapons such as the Atomic Bomb, which has the capacity to destroy humanity. It has also resulted in some dangerous viruses such as the Coronavirus that had resulted in everything around us shut down due to the pandemic. It has also resulted in environmental pollution that can cause respiratory problems to animals and harm the animals and plants as well.

Though Science has both its positive and negative sides, it is important for humans to make progress. Its negative and harmful impacts can be minimized or done away with other scientific methods. The dependency upon science has increased to such an extent that it is now impossible to remove it. But, as responsible citizens, we must use it with caution and responsibility.

Wonder of Science Essay: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Science and the Wonder of Science Essay. It is extremely important to know the answers to these questions.

1) Which famous Scientist discovered the concept of gravity?
Ans) Sir Isaac Newton discovered the concept of gravity.

2) Which is the largest Planet in the Solar System?
Ans) Jupiter is the largest Planet in the Solar System.

3) Where was the first Compass invented?
) The first Compass was invented in China.

4) Where was the first Atom Bomb made?
) The first Atom Bomb was made in the United States of America.

5) What was the name of India’s first Satellite?
) Aryabhatta was India’s first Satellite.

6) Who is known as India’s Missile Man?
) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is Known as India’s Missile Man

7) Who was the first Indian to go into Space?
) Commander Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian to go into Space.

8) Who is known as the Father of the Indian Space Program?
) Vikram Sarabhai is known as the Father of Indian Space Program.

9) When is National Science Day Celebrated?
) National Science Day is celebrated on 28th February.

10) When is World Science Day Celebrated?
) Every Year, World Science Day is Celebrated on 10 November.

11) Who is considered the First Scientist?
) Aristotle is considered by many people to be the First Scientist.

So that is it.

We hope you liked our Wonder of Science Essay. We also hope that these essays will help you in understanding what are the wonders of science and what is its importance in our lives. Please share this Wonder of Science essay with your friends and classmates and inform them as well.

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