SI Full Form in Police | SI Salary, Rol and Recruitment Process

SI Full Form in Police is Sub Inspector. A Sub Inspector is among the lowest ranks in the Indian Police Hierarchy. Despite this fact, it is a highly sought-after job. The post of a  Sub Inspector is a powerful one. This article discusses the SI Full Form in Police, SI salary, qualifications required and duties.

SI Full Form in Police

What is the Full Form of SI

As mentioned above, SI Full Form in Police is Sub Inspector. Typically, a sub-inspector is in charge of a small number of police officers (the equivalent of corporals, head constables, and commanding police outposts). It is the lowest rank of the officer who, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Indian Police, is typically the one who initiates an investigation. 

A Sub-Inspector is subordinated by officers who can only conduct investigations on their behalf and cannot pursue charges. The rank of Sub-Inspector is below Inspector and Assistant Inspector but above Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), Head Constable and Constable as shown below

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The post of Sub Inspector is also there in various other Central Police Forces such as the Central Armed Police Forces. Other Indian law enforcement organizations also have the post of Sub Inspector, which are specialized non-investigative officials, namely the Sub Inspector (band) and Sub Inspector (motor transport).

The Salary of a Sub-inspector is different in different states. The salary typically varies from around 30,000 to over 1,00,000 in metropolitan cities like New Delhi. The salary of Sub Inspectors are decided by the state Government, or the Union Home Ministry (In case of Police of a Union Territory)

Sub Inspector Recruitment Process

So now that you know SI Full Form in Police, get to know how a Sub Inspector is recruited in this section.

The Recruitment process of Sub Inspector every is similar in every Indian State. First, a candidate needs to be eligible for Application. The eligibility criteria, including age, age relaxation for SC/ST/OBC/EWS candidates, etc., varies from State to State. For instance, the maximum age allowed for an SI of NCT of Delhi is 25 years, whereas that for the State of Uttar Pradesh is 28 years.

If you qualify for the selection process, there is a tree-round process for selection of a Sub Inspector. First, a candidate has to crack the entrance exam. In the entrance exam, a candidate is asked about the Basic Laws, Basic features of the Constitution, General Knowledge, Numerical Aptitude and Reasoning.

If you qualify the first round, you move on to the second round. The second round of selection consists of a Physical Efficiency Test (PET) & Physical Measurement Test (PMT). In PET, a candidate is tested for physical fitness. Ex-servicemen are usually exempted from PET, However, they have to undergo the PMT. Usually, the PET round consists of a 1600m run, 800m run, a long jump and a high jump. A candidate must pass each test as required in order to be taken into consideration

In the Physical Measurement Test (PMT), measurements of a candidate’s body is taken to make sure that they qualify the minimum benchmark of sizes of the body parts. Measurements such as candidate’s height, chest size etc. In case of males, if the height is less than the minimum required, the candidate is automatically disqualified. However, during both the PMT and PET rounds, no marks are awarded to the candidate. This round is qualifying round.

If a candidate qualifies for the PET/PMT round, he/she goes to the next round in which candidate’s documents are verified. Upon qualifying this round, a candidate is said to have been selected for the post of Sub Inspector. Although Sub Inspector is a junior post, itis a highly sough-after one, making the query SI Full Form in Police a frequently asked question on the Internet.

Difference Between Sub Inspector and Assistant Sub Inspector

SI Full Form in Police is Sub Inspector while ASI Full Form is Assistant Sub Inspector

Both the Sub Inspector and Assistant Sub Inspector are not Gazetted posts in the Police Department. However, a Sub Inspector has substantially more powers than an Assistant Sub Inspector. A Sub inspector commands a few personnel in the Police Station. 

ASI, on the other hand, are typically in charge of the armories in police stations, and they serve as the Chief Drill Officer in training facilities. ASI also serve as Chief Drill Officers in training facilities of the Police Department.

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