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Arun Sharma CAT Book: As an MBA student, I know that preparing for CAT can be tedious and demanding. It, after all, requires a tremendous amount of effort and dedication to study day and night continuously. But, in the end, you will definitely see your hard work pay you in kind. I have had a similar journey in which I struggled to study while working as a software developer. As a result, I had to skip many days of studying. Unsurprisingly, my first attempt was unsuccessful, and this taught me an important lesson which I describe in the following paragraph.

arun sharma cat book

If you are studying or working and dream of getting into a reputed IIM, it is imperative that you choose the books you use for preparation wisely. I would suggest going for the best authors in the market for the following reasons:

  1. These books cover most of the syllabus, relieving you from the task of fetching the questions covering the syllabus
  2. Such books are regularly updated according to the syllabus and the previous year’s questions and patterns.
  3. These books consist of a huge question bank, which is far better and apt (as far as the level of the questions appearing in CAT is concerned)
  4. They consist of the previous year’s questions to help aspirants better analyse the level of difficulty of questions
  5. In order to accommodate the CAT’s higher difficulty level, the books divide new chapter-ending into various LODs.
  6. It is an affordable way to seriously prepare for the exam

Thus, after recommendations from a few seniors, I purchased an Arun Sharma CAT book set of four, along with a test series. The book set was extremely helpful in the preparation for the exam.

Arun Sharma CAT book 2023

The best thing about Arun Sharma CAT book is that it comes comprehensively in a set of four, covering each section, i.e., Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI-LR), Quantitative Ability (QA) in detail.

Arun Sharma CAT book – Quantitative Ability (QA)

Quantitative Ability is the one section that occupies the premier spot in the minds of CAT aspirants. This section rewards your hard work the most as the questions can be cracked using shortcuts, formulae and, most importantly, your hard work. As per Arun Sharma himself, the main focus of How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT is how to prepare the aspirants to tackle the Quantitative Aptitude section in CAT and other Management entrance examinations.

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Arun Sharma CAT book – Logical Reasoning (LR)

Logical Reasoning is one section where aspirants face the most problem. This section is the most demanding and requires the most practice. Additionally, the presence of mind is required during the exam to solve Logical Reasoning questions. Arun Sharma CAT book for Logical Reasoning overcomes this problem by providing detailed solutions to questions of higher LOD.

Also, many test series have LR questions with a Level of Difficulty far higher than the questions that appear in the CAT exam. This problem is solved by the previous year’s questions provided in all Arun Sharma CAT books

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Arun Sharma CAT book – Data Interpretation (DI)

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation form a single section in the CAT exam. Data Interpretation (DI) is a tricky sub-section that can be overpowered only through practice. Also, one thing that is crucial for solving Data Interpretation is time management. Practising diverse types of questions can make an aspirant better manage time during the exams. Arun Sharma’s How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT divides Data Interpretation into two parts: Logical Data Interpretation and Traditional Data Interpretation, along with three LODs for each part.

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Arun Sharma CAT book – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension is an easy section in which the aspirants face minimum problem. The focus of the book is on how to successfully complete the verbal ability & reading comprehension sections of the CAT and other MBA entrance exams. It provides applicants with clear instructions on how to answer a variety of questions and is full of time-saving tips and methods. The book contains questions based on the most recent CAT pattern, making it a need for applicants taking all MBA admission exams.

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How Arun Sharma CAT book is useful

Arun Sharma CAT book is a highly useful book which can give you proper guidance for preparation of CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP, TISSNET, CMAT, MAT etc. This book is the best book for preparation of the said exams. The following are reasons that make the book the best.

  1. They consist of chapter-end questions divided into three LODs to feed the increased difficulty level of the CAT and other exams
  2. Provide comprehensive and complete training ground to teach the readers real time higher-end problem solving and how to think during the examination
  3. Each block covers previous years’ CAT questions which gives the aspirants a sense of the real questions that appear in the exam.
  4. Some questions without options are provided in relevant chapters in view with the latest trends in the CAT exam
  5. Include CAT Scans which cover 7 question tests. These CAT Scans are to be solved in 12 minutes by the aspirant to simulate 1.7 minutes per question

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