Clean India Green India Essay 150, 500 Words

Clean India Green India Essay: India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is blessed with immense natural beauty, evident from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Mizoram. The entire landscape of India is full of diverse natural beauties such as mountains, plateaus deserts, forests, grasslands, plains, beaches, rivers, lakes and so on. However, this beauty is tarnished by the litter all around us. Thus, in this article, we provide a Clean India Green India Essay 500 words and Clean India Green India Essay 150.

Clean India Green India Essay

Clean India Green India Essay 500 words

A Clean India Green India Essay 500 words is as follows

Maintaining cleanliness is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy life. If we are surrounded by litter, filth, and waste, our health deteriorates productivity decreases, increases stress, reduces beauty etc. It also paints an unclean place in a bad picture. 

India is developing at an unbelievable speed. Many things, products and services that we enjoy today were unimaginable a few decades ago. But, it has also led to our country becoming extremely unclean due to the huge amount of waste generated each day. The streets all around are full of litter and a strong foul odour can be smelled around that place. India has also performed poorly in the Global Environment Performance Index, falling to 177 position worldwide.

Most of the waste out there is produced by human activity. It consists of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. However, waste generation is not a problem here; it is the careless behaviour of the people that is a problem. Littering is done on quite a large scale in India. Indians usually carelessly throw away waste on the streets in order to keep their houses and shops clean. 

Such behaviour by people leads to many problems. First, it makes our streets unhygienic, and many times, too dirty to even walk. Second, it harms stray animals such as dogs and cows, who consume waste such as plastic and paper which harms their bodies. Third, it makes the streets look ugly, decreasing tourism. Fourth, litter also mixes with the soil to affect plant growth in a negative way. Waste mixes in the soil and prevents water from pouring down, hence decreasing the water supply for plants and trees.

It is important to not only keep our cities and country clean but also green. Indian cities rank among the top most polluted cities in the world. Increasing the green cover – a term used to describe the land covered by trees and plants– will increase the level of oxygen in the cities. Lately, various new measures such as plant walls and vertical gardens are used to improve beauty while adding oxygen to the air. Also, trees and plants are planted on the sides of the streets for a long.

Such creative measures are also good for the economy. They increase the beauty of a place, thus attracting more tourists and boosting the economy. They have also created demands for various items such as plants, pots, pot stands etc., thus creating jobs.

The Indian government has launched many initiatives and schemes promoting Clean India Green India, such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan– for the overall cleanliness of the country, Namami Gange (National Mission for Clean Ganga) Programme, Green Skill Development Programme, Toilets before Temples. Additionally, many Parliamentary acts have been passed to help increase green cover, such as Compensatory Afforestation Act. However, the greatest impact can be produced only if the people of India behave responsibly.

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Clean India Green India Essay 150 words

A Clean India Green India Essay 150 words is as follows

Our country is a beautiful country, with mountains, beaches, deserts, plains, rivers etc found in abundance. But, as a developing country, India produces a lot of waste. But some waste does not end up in the waste dumps, but on the streets. This is a result of careless behaviour by the people who litter on the streets and make the cities dirty. Such careless behaviour not only makes the streets unclean but tarnishes the image of India. 

Keeping India Clean and Green helps us in many ways. It makes people healthy, increases hygiene, and increases beauty. Thus, we must do our bit to keep our cities and country clean and green. We must not litter around and plant more trees and plants. We must also use dustbins to throw waste and learn to differentiate between solid and liquid waste. India can become Clean and Green only when the citizens become responsible.

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