Dimension of Electric Field & its derivation

Dimension of Electric Field: Electric Field is an invisible field surrounding electrically charged particles. Any charged particle that enters the field experiences a force which, depending upon the nature of the charge on it, repels or attracts it. The dimensional formula of electric field intensity is:

M1L1T -3 I -1

In this article, we tell you what is Dimension of Electric Field and its derivation.

Dimension of Electric Field & its derivation

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Derivation of Dimension of Electric Field | derivation of Electric Field Dimensional Formula

As we know that Electric Feld is equal to 




To calculate Dimensions of Charge q, we use the formula


Where i is current, and

t is time




The Dimensions of Force is 


Thus, the Dimensional Formula of Electric Field Intensity is



Hence proved that the Dimension of Electric Field is M1L1T -3I-1 

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