Dimension of Wavelength | Dimensional Formula of Wavelength

Wavelength is the distance travelled by a wave in one full cycle. It is a property of both travelling waves & standing waves. It is the distance between two adjacent corresponding points of same phase on the wave, like two adjacent troughs, crests, or zero crossings. Since it is the distance travelled by a wave, the Dimensional Formula of Wavelength is equal to Dimensional Formula of Length, which is


Dimension of Wavelength

The Formula of Wavelength (λ) is expressed as


Dimension of Wavelength

The Dimension of wavelength, as mentioned above, is that of Length.

The Dimensional Formula of Wavelength is as Follows


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What is a Dimensional Formula

A Dimensional Formula of a physical quantity, popularly known as Dimension of a physical quantity, are mathematical expression denoting the dimensions of that quantity. In Physics, only a few quantities such as Length, Time, Charge, and Mass have a dimension of their own. Rest quantities have their dimensional formulae in terms of these basic dimensions.

The Dimensional formulae are used to understand the relationship between two or more physical quantities without using numerical quantities or actual equations. Each dimensional formula consists of a series of dimensions raised to the power of their occurrence. Dimensions are independent units used that measure the nature of a physical quantity.

A Dimensional Formula is expressed as follows:

~M^a L^b T^c I^d

Common Terms about Dimension of Quantities

Dimensional Formula: A Dimensional Formula is, as mentioned above, a mathematical formula of the Dimensions contained in a physical quantity.

Buckingham Pi Theorem: It is a theorem that states that when a physical quantity involves ‘n’ variables and ‘m’ fundamental dimensions, there will always be n – m dimensionless quantities that can express the relationship between the variables. These dimensionless quantities are called Pi terms and are used in reducing the number of variables required to describe a physical quantity.

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