Essay on Computer in English | Computer Essay 10 lines

Essay on Computer: Computers are electronic devices that can quickly complete a wide range of activities. They excel at organising information and performing mathematical tasks. They have dramatically changed almost everything around us.

Essay on Computer in English

Computers have become an essential part of modern times. Humans are excessively reliant on computers in their everyday lives to perform tasks ranging from extremely small to extremely large. They have improved the efficiency of humans and made our lives easy. They have transformed the way we live, work, sleep, act, eat, drink and so on. 

Due to their enormous impact on our lives, computers are considered extremely important. Students are often required to write an Essay on Computer | Computer Essay in English as a part of the school curriculum. Hence, in this article, we provide you with an Essay on Computer to help you write your own Computer Essay in English or Essay on Computer. We also provide Computer Essay 10 lines | Essay on Computer 10 Lines.

Essay on Computer 250 Words

An Essay on Computer 250 Words is as follows

Computers are machines that can process and store enormous amounts of information while carrying out a variety of operations and calculations at high speed. They have impacted, to a large extent, every field including education, health, travel, entertainment, business, technology and so on.

Computers have now become an essential part of daily human activities so much so that the smallest of tasks now seems impossible without them. They have fundamentally changed the way we live, work, and connect with one another in all spheres, including entertainment, education, and communication.

Computers’ ability to process enormous volumes of data at rapid speed is one of their most important advantages. Things that used to take hours or even days to finish can now be finished in just a handful of minutes or maybe even seconds. Everything, from research to commercial operations, has become significantly more productive and efficient with the help of computers. Additionally, it has made it feasible for us to access information that was previously difficult to manage and analyse and has led to fresh understandings and discoveries.

However, the advent of the computer has also led to various negative impacts on society, especially on students. The increasing use of computers and mobile phones has led to the problem of students becoming addicted to mobile games and social media. Another harmful impact is that the excessive use of digital devices has led to the loss of privacy of individuals. Also, high screen time can result in numerous medical problems such as sleep problems, chronic neck and back problems, depression, anxiety etc.

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Essay on Computer 500 Words

An Essay on Computer 500 Words is as follows

Hardly any day passes by without us using our Computer. That shows the level of dependency of people on these digital devices. We engage with computers in some way from the second we wake up till the moment we go to bed. They have completely changed the way we interact with one another in practically every facet of modern life. They can be found everywhere, including our homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. It is near impossible to envision a world without computers as they have become so pervasive. 

Computers are now an inseparable part of the 21st Century life. They have also improved convenience and entertainment in our lives. With the advent of computers, accessing the goods and services we want has never been simpler. We now have countless alternatives for entertainment thanks to them, including social media and online gaming.

Computers have made it simpler than ever to find and exchange knowledge, and the internet gives us access to a virtually infinite amount of knowledge. People from various backgrounds may now access the same knowledge and utilise it to better their lives, levelling the playing field.

Computers have completely transformed communication, enabling individuals to interact with one another in ways and speeds that were previously not possible. With the development of the internet and social media, people may now communicate with one another on a worldwide scale, exchange ideas, work together on projects, and create communities around common interests.

The workplace is one area where computers have essentially revolutionised everything. Many tasks are now automated thanks to them thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of humans. Additionally, they have made it simpler for individuals to work remotely, enabling more flexibility and a healthy balance between work and life. As a result, there has been a fundamental change in the way we view work. Thanks to computers, people are no longer bound to an actual office or location.

Perhaps the one field which is truly revolutionized by the advent of the computer is the field of communication. Just a few centuries back, it took even months to deliver a short message. The expansion of the internet is one of the computers’ most notable effects on communication. You can now speak with anybody, anywhere, at any time thanks to the Internet. Building business networks, communicating with loved ones, and exchanging information have all become significantly easier because of the widespread use of services such as email, instant messaging, social media, etc.

Despite revolutionizing our lives, computers have also impacted us negatively. The sedentary lifestyle that computers promote is one of the biggest negative effects. Long periods of time spent in front of a computer increase the chance of developing obesity, cardiovascular illnesses, and other health issues linked to inactivity. Long-term computer use can also cause headaches, eye strain, and other vision issues. The possibility of addiction is yet another negative impact of computers. Video games, social media, and the internet may all be very addicting, causing users to use them excessively and neglect other tasks.

In conclusion, computers have improved productivity, and communication, and allowed for enjoyment and education, among many other positive effects on our lives. But, as all new things do, it disturbs the balance between the existing things. The excessive use of computers and mobiles can lead to mental and physical illnesses, and negatively impact our social lives. To minimise these dangers, it is crucial to be informed of any potential negative effects and downsides of its use. By doing this, we may keep taking advantage of all the positive effects that computers have on our lives.

Computer Essay 10 Lines | Essay on Computer 10 Lines

The Essay on Computer 10 Lines are as follows

  1. The computer has radically changed almost all aspects of human life since they have come into being and have increased in circulation.
  2. The accuracy and speed of tasks have substantially increased by computers, thus improving the efficiency of both business and daily life.
  3. Communication is perhaps the field most affected by the advent of computers. The process that used to take months now takes a few seconds.
  4. The computer has also dramatically increased access to information and knowledge to people. Earlier, only a few people and a certain section of society used to have access to knowledge. Now, it is available to everyone.
  5. Computers have gravely impacted the field of healthcare. With the various computer technologies such as CT Scans, MRI Scans etc., computers have helped people live longer and healthier lives.
  6. Computers have also increased the productivity of humans. Now, small and menial tasks, such as calculation, are left to these digital devices.
  7. The impact of computers on education is also enormous. Education is now available at cheaper rates to all people and that too at a distance.
  8. Though computers have positively affected humans and our society, it also has negative impacts.
  9. Computers and mobile phones can cause various mental and physical illnesses such as depression, anxiety, obesity, strain in the eyes, headaches etc.
  10. Like everything, computers also have their positive and negative impacts. People must use the technology properly and carefully to extract the best benefits.

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