My Aim in Life Essay 100, 150 & 200 Words

My Aim in Life Essay: A life without an aim is like a body without a soul. Having an aim in life is absolutely essential for a human being. Having an aim gives motivation, purpose and meaning to a seemingly meaningless life. It keeps one focused for the most part of his/her life. However, we must choose our aim wisely and after much contemplation and discussion with our elders, mentors and teachers. If not consulted properly, we might end up with an aim that doesn’t suit us.

My Aim in Life Essay

Due to the immense importance of deciding on an aim in life, students are often required to write a My Aim in Life Essay as a part of the school curriculum. Thus, we, in this article, present to you My Aim in Life Essay in 100, 150 and 200 words. These essays will help you formulate your idea for your own essay.

My Aim in Life Essay 100 words

My aim in life is to become a teacher. I have chosen this aim because teachers are the first and the most important people in one’s life. In India, in fact, teachers are compared to God for the role they play in a student’s life. They guide their students at every level of their life. A teacher not just teaches his/her subject but also gives valuable lessons that are useful forever. As a teacher, I will help my students in all possible ways. I will solve their problems and correct their mistakes. I will also help them choose their aim in life, as my teachers have helped me.

My Aim in Life 150 Words

A My Aim in Life Essay 150 words is as follows

Having an aim in life is essential. It not only helps in giving direction to one’s life but also helps in remaining focused. We must decide our aim in such a manner that it also helps the people. Hence, I aim to become a doctor, not only for myself but also for the poor Indians who cannot afford expensive treatment. 

Doctors are often compared to God since they save the life given by Him. Imagining a society without doctors is tough as we will suffer immensely in their absence. But, nowadays doctors charge a lot of fees that many poor Indians cannot afford. When I will become a doctor, I will charge minimum fees from the patients and will do free treatment for the poor. I will also help the common people get top-quality medical services, even in the villages. I will do my best to make India healthy.

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My Aim in Life Essay 200 Words #1

A My Aim in Life Essay 200 words is given below

We all choose our aims according to our interests and preferences. But, I believe we must select our aim on the basis of how much can that aim contribute to our country and society. This not only ensures our personal growth and helps us fulfil our dreams but also contributes to the development of our nation. 

Based on the above idea, I aim to become a scientist. I aim to become a scientist because of my personal likes and for the nation. Personally, I have always been attracted to Scientific concepts and have loved experimenting. I also love getting deep into scientific concepts. As a scientist, I would also love to teach new technologies to students since these technologies are the future.

 Our country has rich culture and tradition, but it has lagged in technological advancement. Without India being technologically advanced and capable, long time growth is not possible. As a scientist, I will help India advance in all kinds of scientific technologies that are required in the fast-growing world. I will also help spread the technologies to every part of the country since I believe that a country cannot progress in today’s age without all its people having an understanding of technology. 

My Aim in Life Essay 200 Words #2

Another My Aim in Life Essay 200 words is given below

Life is like a long journey. In a journey, a traveller can travel only if he is sure where he wants to go. Similarly, people have an aim that continuously guides and motivates them until it is achieved. Without an aim in life, one would be unguided throughout his/her life and might end up with an aim or a career which doesn’t suit him/her. 

After consulting my teachers and family, I have decided that my aim in life is to become a writer. As a writer, I want to write about the very basic component of humanity, love. Love is what makes us humans. Love for humanity, for other people, for nature and for life itself. I want to write down my experiences about the positive impact love can have on the problems that are faced by our society today. I want to spread my word to make people more loving towards each other. As a writer, I want to travel around the world spreading the idea of love. I aspire to be a writer who tries to eliminate the hate that people have for each other, which will help in reducing deaths, murders, crime, war and terrorism.

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