Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi

Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi, is widely regarded as a pivotal figure in the Indian independence movement. His nonviolent method of political and social change was instrumental in the Independence of India from British rule. For his contributions to independence, he is regarded as the Father of India. 

Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi’s teachings on moral behaviour, self-discipline, and spirituality continue to inspire people all over the world. He is regarded as a symbol of peace, and his ideas continue to influence India’s social and political landscape. Due to his immense popularity and contributions to Indian politics and society, students are often required to write a Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi Essay as a part of their school curriculum. Hence, we have provided in this article a Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi to help you write your own Mahatma Gandhi Essay.

Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi 200 Words

A Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi 200 words is as follows

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi, was the person who fought against British rule so that Indi can be free and independent. For the work and efforts he had done, he is given the title of Father of the Nation. Gandhi was born in Gujarat when the British were ruling Indians. He went on to study Law in England and worked for some years in South Africa. But due to the discrimination he faced and his devotion to uplifting the downtrodden, he returned to India and joined the national movement for independence and the Indian National Congress.

Gandhi completely changed the nature of the Indian Independence Movement and the Congress Party. He started to peacefully resist the laws and rules of the British Government, beginning with Champaran Satyagraha. He launched the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1920 to spread the feeling and passion of nationalism amongst the people. His main teaching is that of nonviolence, and that non-violent methods can achieve more than violent methods. Gandhi also cared about the poor people and worked for their betterment. Despite being a popular public figure, he lived an extremely simple life. For these reasons, he is respected all around the world

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Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi 500 Words

A Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi is as follows

Few people have had an impact on Indian society as deep as Mahatma Gandhi has. The India that we live in today is shaped by his ideas, philosophy, spirituality and morality to a large extent. His main teaching, that of non-violence, has inspired many people around the world to fight against various social injustices. Also, due to his impact on our country, India is known as the Land of Gandhi. 

Gandhi was born in Porbandar in 1869 and was the youngest of four children of his parents. Gandhi studied law in England and later practised in South Africa, where he witnessed racial inequalities and prejudice against the Indian community. This experience moulded his perspectives on social equality and helped inspire him to devote his life to fighting injustice.

He was committed to fighting for the people of India and ending the tyrannical British colonial rule. Throughout his life, he led numerous peaceful demonstrations and civil disobedience movements, including the famous Salt March, also known as the Dandi March of 1930, which was a watershed moment in the independence movement in India.

Gandhi’s ideas span a wide scope. His idea of Satyagraha (truth force) emphasized the non-violent method of resistance against oppression. His Satyagraha movement was founded on nonviolent, civil disobedience, and peaceful demonstration. Gandhi strongly believed that non-violent and peaceful resistance was a useful weapon for accomplishing change in society and politics, and he used it effectively during India’s independence struggle. As per him, Satyagraha was not merely a political strategy, but a way of life.

Gandhi’s concept of Swaraj emphasises self-rule or self-governance. It is founded on the notion that people and communities should govern themselves without intervention from outside forces. Swaraj, according to Gandhi, signifies not only political independence but also economic and social independence. He believed that true Swaraj could be realised only when people and communities are self-sufficient and free of exploitation from outside as well as from within.

Gandhi was concerned about the upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden, especially those residing in the village. Gandhi emphasised the significance of the development of the village economy as the bedrock of Indian society. He did believe that a decentralised economic system based on small-scale and locally owned businesses could create jobs and raise the living standards of rural communities.

Gandhi also advocated for self-reliance and self-sufficiency. He promoted the usage of indigenous and locally-made products and the weaving and spinning of khadi (a type of hand-spun cloth) to promote economic self-reliance and autonomy. Gandhi believed strongly in the enormous power of education and saw it as the key to social reform in India. He founded a number of educational institutions, including Gujarat Vidyapith.

Gandhi’s teachings and ideas still inspire people all over the world to struggle for justice and equality, as well as to strive for a more sustainable and peaceful future. His teachings on Non-violent resistance, Civil disobedience, Interfaith harmony, Self-reliance, and Environmentalism have brought about a huge change in societies and politics of countries around the world.

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