Dowry System Essay | Dowry System in India Essay in English

Dowry System Essay: Dowry system is one of India’s most formidable social evils for hundreds of years. It is an ancient system that requires the family of the bride to pay cash, gold, jewellery and other expensive gifts to the groom’s family in order to conclude the marriage. It is a great social bane that must be removed from Indian society for causing extreme harm to its fabric. The system is against women and makes them look like a burden on a family. Thus, students are often required to write a Dowry System Essay.

Dowry System Essay

Despite its distressing and deplorable effects on society, the Dowry System is still practised in a few and mostly non-urban parts of India. Hence, it is essential for us to understand how the system destroys the sanctity of marriages and has, in the past, taken many lives. Thus, we provide a Dowry System in India Essay in English to help you write a Dowry System in India Essay and help aware Indians of the social ill. We have also provided 10 points on Dowry System Essay or Dowry System in India Essay

Dowry System Essay | Dowry System in India Essay in English

Dowry is a formidable social evil. It has had many unmatched social impacts. It is an ancient system in which expensive items such as gold jewellery, vehicles, electronic and electrical appliances, land property etc. are given to the family of the groom by the family of the bride before or after marriage. This system has led to social ills such as gender discrimination, objectification of women, stigmatisation of brides, female infanticide, domestic abuse against women, crime against women and so on. It has also deteriorated the mental health of women undergoing the process. Despite it being completely banned by the Indian Government in 1961, many families in India continue to practise this social evil.

India is an ancient country with ancient history and rich culture. However, some practices that have been there having gravely impacted the growth and progress of India in a negative way. The dowry system tops among these practices. It prevents many parents, especially the poor ones, from having female children. It also leaves many women unmarried throughout their lives due to a lack of money to pay the groom’s family. The system also objectifies women and presents them as burdens upon the family of the groom.

It is a system that strongly discriminates against women. The family of the bride gives dowry so that their daughter is not discriminated against and is treated well. However, as it is often assumed, dowry is no guarantee that a bride is treated well by her in-laws. We often come across cases in which a woman is beaten and abused heavily by her in-laws since they demand extra dowry. Under this dowry system, women are not seen as humans getting married to a man but as liabilities that are transferred from one family to another, and hence must be paid for.

The Dowry System is the manifestation of the age-old thinking that limits women to the house. In this thinking, women are not seen as breadwinners but as homemakers, from which the concept of housewives originates. However, today, women are in a condition to compete shoulder-to-shoulder with men as professionals. 

The prevalence of the dowry system in India has decreased, especially after women have proved their abilities to earn equal, and in many cases, even more than men. Women have driven the growth of India substantially, decreasing their vulnerability and increasing their stature in society. The government has also laid out strict laws and rules to prevent its spread. Above all, the people of India have become more aware of its negative consequences and have started to refrain from practising it. 

The Dowry System is like one dirty fish which can contaminate the entire pond. It paints a negative image of the rich culture India possesses. It also makes India’s women more vulnerable and snatches their freedoms away. It further puts an undue burden on the family of the bride. Due to such serious impacts, every Indian must say no to dowry. In India’s dreams of becoming a global leader, the Dowry System is one thing that Indians need to refuse. 

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Points to remember while writing Dowry System Essay or Dowry System in India Essay

The following points must be remembered while writing a Dowry System Essay | Dowry System in India Essay in English

  1. The Dowry System is a system in which a sum of cash or expensive items such as jewellery, electronic or electrical goods, or both are given to the Groom’s family by the family of the Bride.
  2. The Dowry System is an age-old system that has been practised in India for centuries.
  3. Dowry is considered a social evil which must be wiped out of our society
  4. The Dowry System was outlawed in India in 1961 under the Dowry Prohibition Act. Despite this, many people still practise this evil custom.
  5. The Dowry System immensely impacts society and women in a negative way.
  6. The Dowry System puts a huge burden on the family of the Bride
  7. The Dowry System has led to many parents abandoning their girl infants. It is also responsible for the surge in female infanticide in India.
  8. The Dowry System comes from an age-old system that has treated women harshly and has limited them to the household.
  9. The prevalence of the Dowry System has decreased since the opening of career opportunities for women.
  10. Every Indian must say no to dowry and also help spread awareness against its practice.

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