10 Unique TAT Pictures with Stories for SSB

TAT Pictures with TAT Stories for SSB: TAT stands for Thematic Apperception Test. It is a psychological test taken to test the unconscious thoughts of a person. The TAT Test using TAT pictures is used to test the psychological level of candidates appearing for SSB. 

TAT pictures

What are TAT and TAT Pictures?

The Thematic Aptitude Test is used by psychologists and therapists as a projective technique because they think that people’s (in this case a candidate appearing for SSB) perception of the TAT images represent their own experiences, convictions, and emotions. Professionals and Interviewers can learn more about a person’s psychological functioning by analysing their responses to TAT Pictures, which can also yield useful data for research, diagnosis, and treatment plans.

The Thematic Appreciation Test pictures are blurry pictures that depict some event that typically evokes some emotion in the people viewing it. For example, the scenes depicted can include a baby crying in the arms of his mother, the death of a person, a small boy helping an old man etc. Such scenes are emotionally charged. 

The TAT is similar to PPDT, another method used during the SSB Interviews to assess the psychology of a candidate. In this article, we present to you 10 TAT Pictures along with TAT Stories. We have provided TAT Stories to 5 TAT Pictures. Rest 5 TAT Pictures are for your practice.

10 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories

#1 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures

Suresh is a poor boy who worked as a peon in a school. He is humble and down-to-earth. His father died when he was just 10 years old, and was brought up by his mother. Since then, he is the sole breadwinner of his family. He wants his sister to study and get a government job. Hence, he makes sure that his sister is properly educated. His sister studies in the same school in which he is working. He takes his sister to school on his bicycle. He managed to get a concession from the Principal on the fees. Despite the concession, much of his salary is spent on her sister’s education. But, Suresh tries to get the most out of his life and remains happy despite the everyday challenges he faces.

#2 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures

Kanhaiya Lal lives in the small city of Ballia in Uttar Pradesh. He has a 6-year-old son whom he dearly loves. He is a single father and lost his wife to cancer when his son was just a year old. Despite his work, Kanhaiya manages to take care of his son like a mother so that he never feels her absence. He didn’t marry again, after the death of his wife, due to the fear of his son being illtreated by his stepmother. As a result, he himself fulfils all the responsibilities of a mother. He wakes up early and cooks breakfast and lunch for him. He manages his working hours in accordance with the timings of his son’s school. Today, he has come with his son to the annual fair in his city. 

#3 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures

Shyamlal is a farmer who lives in Sangli, Maharashtra. He was born into poverty and lost his father to suicide a few years back. Due to his poverty, he didn’t have a chance to get educated and can barely read and write Marathi and Hindi. Although he is hardworking, his work barely provides him food all year round and has to sleep empty stomach for many nights in a month. He comes under the Below Poverty Line category and is able to survive only upon the free ration provided by the state government. He is not alone in his village who is dealing with such extreme poverty and hunger. The entire region faces such issues, making many of the people here helpless.

#4 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures

Kashmira just moved to Kochi with his family from Amritsar. She is just 9 years old and was born and brought up in Amritsar itself. Growing up in Amritsar, she made many friends in her school and society, with whom she enjoyed very much. But suddenly, his father, who is an Army officer, was transferred from Amritsar to Kochi. She had to leave her house and her friends. Though the house where she lives now is larger than the previous house, and the facilities are better, she badly misses her life in Amritsar where she played all day long with her friends. She now finds herself in an alien city where she has no friends and is finding it extremely difficult to make new friends due to the language barrier. She spends her evenings on the beach alone in loneliness. 

#5 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures

Vikram and Ayushi got married today. They met each other in an engineering college while they were pursuing their graduation courses. It took them no time to know each other and fall in love. After a few years of relationship, they planned to get married. However, fate had other plans. In 2020, as Coronavirus struck, Vikram lost his job and became jobless. Due to the recession, he wasn’t able to find another job. Ayushi, meanwhile, continued earning good money. Their marriage got postponed as Vikram lost all his savings to the expenses. A year passed by and he wasn’t able to get a job. Finally, he decided to start his own business and got funding from his father. Now, just two years later, he is now one of the rich men in his town. He proposed to Ayushi once again for marriage, which she accepted.

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#6 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures
#7 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures
#8 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures
#9 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures
#10 TAT Pictures and TAT Stories
TAT pictures

Points to remember about TAT Pictures and TAT Stories

  1. Candidates are shown 12 TAT pictures. 11 Pictures are hazy and one picture is blank.
  2. Candidates are given 30 seconds to observe the TAT Images
  3. Candidates have 4 minutes to write a story for the TAT pictures
  4. Candidates are required to be clear and eloquent while writing their stories
  5. You must focus on observing the tiniest of details during the 30 seconds given to observe TAT Image.

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