Essay on Cyber Crimes | Cyber Crime Essay 150, 200, 250 Words

Essay on Cyber Crimes: Crime has changed its nature with changing times. Earlier, crimes used to be committed by one or many persons physically. Now, crimes are committed from far away through computers and mobile devices. Such crimes are known as Cyber Crimes. 

Essay on Cyber Crimes

As we move towards a more digitally-oriented world, Cyber crimes have become more widespread and prominent. Moreover, as technology evolves, the rate and sophistication of cyber crimes has also improved. Cyber crimes are now a major form in which crimes are committed.

The threat posed by cyber crimes is huge, hence making it imperative for us to educate our younger generation about its nature and impacts. Due to the critical importance of the subject, the students are often required to write an Essay on Cyber Crimes. Hence, we, in this article, provide you with two Essay on Cyber Crimes to help you write your own Essay on Cyber Crimes.

Essay on Cyber Crimes 150 Words

An Essay on Cyber Crimes 150 Words is as follows

In the past few decades, we, humans, have become extremely reliant on computers and mobile phones for our day-to-day work. The excessive reliance on them has led to some criminals misusing the technology to commit crimes. Such crimes have become widespread and lethal in recent times.

Cybercrimes come in a wide variety of forms, ranging from relatively small offences like breaking into someone’s social network account to far more serious ones like stealing confidential data from a government organisation or financial institution. It can also involve stealing money digitally from any individual’s or organisation’s bank account. In the past, we have seen how a cybercriminal sitting in one country can steal millions of dollars from a bank in another country.

Cyber crimes pose a serious threat to the normal functioning of a country’s social and economic system. It can cause riots, robberies, killings, genocides, terrorist attacks and a lot more things. Thus, cyber crimes must be kept in check by the government authorities and citizens must assist them.

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Essay on Cyber Crimes 200 Words

An Essay on Cyber Crimes 200 Words is as follows

Cyber crimes are a bane to society. Cyber crimes are a type of crime which include carrying out illegal activities while using technology, such as computers and the Internet. They have become extremely widespread and sophisticated. In fact, it is a constantly evolving threat that can cause serious threats to individuals, governments, corporations and other financial organizations.

Cyber crimes can be of many types. One of the most widespread types is a money heist which involves the robbery of money from big banks, wealthy individuals, financial organisations, and even the common man. Another type of cyber crime is hacking, which is the act of breaking into a computer system or network without authorization from the authorities. Hackers may carry out such actions for numerous motives, such as obtaining confidential information, causing harm to the system, etc. 

Due to the grave threat posed by cyber crimes, it is extremely important to educate and spread awareness about its harmful effects. To secure cyberspace, the government, big corporations and even individuals need to do their part. The government must make laws to counter cybercrimes, corporations must use vigilance to prevent them from happening and individuals need to stay aware and cautious to prevent themselves from being victims.

Essay on Cyber Crimes 250 Words

An Essay on Cyber Crimes 250 Words is as follows

The nature of crime has evolved with technology. Earlier, crimes used to be conducted physically at a place. Now, however, crimes are carried out from a distance using the cyberspace. Such crimes are called cyber crimes.

Over the past few decades, humans have become increasingly dependent upon digital products for the smallest of tasks. Cybercriminals use this exact fact to commit heinous crimes such as robberies, hacking, cyberstalking, phishing, etc. 

The most common type of cybercrime is hacking in which a person or a group of persons  break into a system used by governments or private individuals to do activities that they are not authorised to do. Another type of cyber crime that is now becoming very effective is identity theft in which personal information about a person, such as their name, address, and government ID number, may be stolen and used fraudulently.

Cybercrime can have serious and pervasive repercussions. Cybercrime victims may experience mental suffering, financial losses, and reputational harm. it can occasionally endanger the nation’s security. For instance, cyberattacks against vital infrastructure, like transportation or electrical grids, might result in severe disruption and anarchy.

Cyber Crime is a major problem that threatens people, businesses, and national security. It can be used to cause deaths, riots, genocide, terrorist attacks, bank robberies, hijacks, accidents and so on. Moreover, as technology improves, cybercriminals keep finding new ways to disrupt the normal functioning of our social and economic systems. Thus, it is now imperative that citizens, as well as governments and big corporations, must do their part to tackle the ever-burgeoning threat of cyber crime. 

Essay on Cyber Crimes

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