Unemployment in India Essay

Unemployment in India Essay: For the past few decades, India has seen a high rate of economic growth and has even become the fastest-growing major economy in the world. But despite the high growth, India has had a high unemployment rate, especially after the coronavirus pandemic disrupted all everyday life.

Unemployment in India Essay

Unemployment is a situation in which an individual willing to work cannot find a job. It is a major issue in India. It also has a significant impact on the well-being of the people as well as the economy of India. It causes extreme hardships for people and can result in a high crime rate.

Due to the sheer importance of the pressing issue, the students are often asked to write an Unemployment in India Essay to enhance their understanding of the issue. Hence, in this article, we provide you with two Unemployment in India Essay to help you write your own Unemployment in India Essay.

#1 Unemployment in India Essay 200 Words

An Unemployment in India Essay 200 words is as follows

As a developing country and an emerging economy, India faces a lot of economic issues. Unemployment is one of the most serious and complex of them. It happens when people are unable to find work when they want to. Unemployment exists in India due to various reasons such as lack of quality education, illiteracy, overpopulation, lack of skills, a limited number of opportunities etc.

Unemployment not only brings problems for the individual who is unemployed but also for society as a whole. Higher unemployment puts a higher burden on the government to provide them unemployment benefits. As families struggle to make ends meet and meet their basic necessities, a lack of employment possibilities may also lead to higher levels of poverty.

In addition, people’s mental health may suffer as a result of unemployment. Long-term unemployment can cause depression, low self-esteem, and hopelessness. People who are unemployed may experience prejudice and social stigma, further adding to their mental stress.  

The Government of India has unleashed many schemes to counter Unemployment. For example, Skill India, launched in 2015, aims to improve skills and increase the number of people in the skilled workforce. However, unemployment in India will not go away until we change our education system for good.

Unemployment in India Essay

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#2 Unemployment in India Essay 

An Unemployment in India Essay is as follows

Unemployment is a situation in which an individual looking for work is unable to get one. It is a serious and persistent problem in India and requires economic expertise to solve. The rate of unemployment is determined by numerous factors such as economic output, government policies, market conditions, new technologies, quality of education, skills of the workforce etc. Thus, it can be said that no single reason is responsible for unemployment.

Both individuals and society are negatively impacted by unemployment in India. Families experience financial difficulties, thus making them fall into poverty. People struggle to provide for their fundamental requirements, such as food, housing, and healthcare when they are unable to find work.

Additionally, unemployment has consequences for society. Among unemployed people, it may cause dissatisfaction, sadness, and social instability. People may feel alienated from society and be more inclined to engage in unlawful activity when they are unable to find employment which may further result in high levels of instability in communities and a rise in crime rates 

Since unemployment in India is not caused by a single factor, the approach to solving it must be holistic. The government needs to launch and successfully implement schemes targeting the unemployed, improve their skills, improve the quality of education, etc. Furthermore, the government must implement policies that encourage entrepreneurship, draw in investment, and promote sectors with high potential for generating employment. It must also focus on infrastructure development to help facilitate the businesses. 

The citizens must also do their part. Students looking for jobs must acquire skillsets to get better employment. The people must also develop the spirit of entrepreneurship that makes them employment generators and not job seekers. 

In conclusion, unemployment impacts every aspect of the well-being of the individual and the society. Increasing economic growth, enhancing education and skill levels, assisting SMEs, and lowering barriers to employment are just a few of the many strategies that can be employed to reduce unemployment. India can lower unemployment rates, raise living standards, and promote a more affluent society for all by addressing the issue holistically.

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