My Village Essay | My Village Essay 10 Lines

My Village Essay: India’s cities have grown in the past few decades. People have been moving to cities in large numbers since cities offer a better and easy life while providing immense opportunities to grow. However, city life is also more complicated and can be extremely lonely despite being crowdy. 

My Village Essay

A village on the other hand is backward and might follow some strict social regulations. But, as I argue, it provides a far better environment when compared with a city. My village offers me a better life, friendships and relationships. I find people in my village incredibly selfless and helpful which makes a far better environment than the material life in the cities. 

Due to the immense importance of villages in India, students are often required to write a My Village Essay as a part of the school curriculum. Hence, in this article, we provide you with a My Village Essay [Our Village Essay] and My Village Essay 10 Lines to help you write your own My Village Essay.

My Village Essay 

A My Village Essay is as follows

I come from a village named Shikarpura in Lakhimpur district, Uttar Pradesh. My village is a beautiful, peaceful and friendly place. It is a small village where everybody knows each other. It is a quiet place where I find peace while being away from the rush of the cities. It is also serene, with no pollution and noise.

Though my village is small, it is full of life and enjoyment. The people in my village occasionally gather at a place to celebrate various festivals and exercise the bond of love they share. People eagerly wait for the festivals and the excitement can be seen all around. My village also lacks unnecessary opulence and we prefer to find happiness in small things. In my village, we also value relationships and friendships a lot. 

Another beauty of my village is that the people in my village are extremely kind, generous and helpful. All of us know each other in my village. The people support each other in bad times and celebrate together in good times. Unlike the people in cities, the people in my village are not selfish and greedy. The people in my village live in unity despite belonging to different religions, castes, ethnicity and cultures. There is also no discrimination between the rich and the poor.

Most of the people living in my village are farmers. The soil in my village is extremely fertile which makes it suitable for many crops such as wheat, rice, sugarcane etc. There are also some shops and a marketplace where people shop for their daily requirements. There are also some small businesses that have followed their traditions for ages, such as handicrafts.

The most important attraction of my village is the beauty and greenery around it. The surroundings are full of lush green forests and farms, with lakes and rivers providing water and scenic beauty. It is also surrounded by small hills which have a small waterfall where people from all around the cities come for picnics. The skies are clear and bright blue, the air is without pollution and the surroundings are without noise. All these things will make any person fall in love with my village.

In conclusion, my village is a place full of scenic beauty and generous people. It offers a completely different environment from the cities that is freshening and beautiful. The simple lifestyle that the people in my village follow gives me real happiness. It reminds to the people living in the cities that true happiness can be achieved without money.

My Village Essay

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My Village Essay 10 Lines

My Village Essay 10 Lines are as follows

  1. Life in my village is very different from the life we live in the cities.
  2. My village is surrounded by forests, lakes, farms, lakes and a small hill. This gives my village a scenic beauty.
  3. The people in my village are extremely generous, kind, helpful and simplistic.
  4. People in my village stay away from opulence and lead a simple yet happy life. They find happiness in small things.      
  5. Most of the people in my village ae farmers. Some are shopkeepers and others are craftsmen.
  6. My village is a quiet place where one can find solace and peace. It is quiet, and has no pollution or noise, unlike the cities.
  7. The people in my village are warm and hospitable. They welcome visitors with open arms.
  8. People of my village take extreme proud in their culture and have preserved traditions for centuries.
  9. There is no discrimination of any kind in my village. The people, though belonging to different religions, castes, cultures and colours are treated as equals. There is also no discrimination between the rich and the poor.
  10. My village is one of the best places I have ever visited. It is truly a lovely place to live.

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