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Digital India Essay: Launched in 2015, the Digital India campaign is a campaign that envisions the digitisation of various government services to make them widely available to the general public. The initiative aims to use technology to build a better India that is more transparent and efficient while being accessible to all. The vision of the initiative includes achieving inclusive growth in electronic services, products, manufacturing, and job opportunities.

digital india essay

The Digital India Initiative is one of the most important initiatives that have been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For the importance associated with the campaign, the students are frequently asked to write a Digital India Essay. Hence, in this article, we provide you with a Digital India Essay to help you write your own Digital India essay.

Digital India Essay

A Digital India Essay is as follows

India has been a developing country for decades. It has a host of social and economic problems such as crime, corruption, illiteracy, overpopulation and much more. India has not been able to end these problems due to its large population and slow bureaucracy. As a result, many essential government services have been unable to reach the people, especially those dwelling in rural areas, keeping Indians poor.

Digital India is the Government of India’s flagship programme aimed at transforming the country into a fully digitized society and knowledge-based economy. The aim of the campaign is to provide essential services to the citizenry of India in a digitised form to increase the efficiency of working of the government by increasing connectivity and, hence, the government’s reach. It is focused on three key areas: digital infrastructure reaching every citizen, governance and on-demand services, and citizen empowerment. Its goals include the integration of services across departments and jurisdictions, making available the services in real-time from online platforms, achieving Universal digital literacy and making accessible Universal digital resources.

Digital India Initiative will provide each citizen with the basic services that have been lacking until now. The initiative touches essential areas such as healthcare, education, electricity, accessibility to food and water, crop booking, reporting crime etc. Under this initiative, the government plans to drastically improve internet connectivity throughout the country. As a result, free wifi connections have been provided at public places such as Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Terminals etc.

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The government of India has initiated many schemes under the Digital India Initiative. Some of the schemes are listed below.

  1. BharatNet- It was initially launched in 2011 as the  National  Optical  Fibre  Network  (NOFN)  program. By expanding the current fibre optic infrastructure towards the villages, the initiative hopes to connect all 250,000 village panchayats in the country, spanning over 625,000 villages.
  1. Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission- One of the goals of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission is to create a record of certified hospitals, clinics, doctors, physicians, nurses and chemists. The preparation of these records will also help in avoiding forgery by fake medical institutions.
  1. Aadhar- In its World Development Report 2016, the World Bank recognised the use of Aadhar cards as a digital ID for implementing direct cash transfer programmes, resulting in savings through diminished leakage and increased efficiency in public spending. Furthermore, transactions are directly paid to the recipients in their bank accounts through the Aadhaar Payment Bridge to make sure the advantages of the programmes reach the intended recipients.
  1. DigiLocker- The Indian government set up the Digital Locker to provide access to government services as well as personal cloud storage. Individuals can view their own e-documents from any place and at any time using this platform. Furthermore, since all papers are stored in the cloud, they are easy to access.
  1. E-Rupi -The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) recently introduced a digital voucher-based payment system on its UPI platform. The beneficiaries’ mobile phones are given a QR code or SMS string-based e-voucher. This is a critical step towards ensuring that welfare benefits, as well as services, reach their beneficiaries in a timely and “leak-proof” manner.
  1. eHospital- eHospital facilities have made it easy to schedule medical appointments online at some major hospitals with high average daily consultation visits. Among other things, the eHospital programme allows for online application, online diagnostic reports, online fee payments and online blood availability inquiries.
  1. Next Generation Network (NGN)- To replace 30-year-old exchanges, BSNL has introduced Next Generation Network (NGN), an IP-based technology that manages all types of services such as voice, data, multimedia/video, and other forms of packet-switched communication service.

To conclude, Digital India is a much-needed and futuristic initiative that envisions integrating the nation and making the availability of essential services to its citizens easier and cheaper. It fills a gap that has existed for decades and has pulled us back. This initiative is crucial if we want India to become a developed economy.

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