Exams are like Festivals Celebrate them Essay in English

Exams are like Festivals Celebrate them: Imagine how boring life would be without festivals. Life will become extremely monotonous, solitary, and void of happiness. People would do their regular work without any get-togethers with friends and family and holidays to enjoy. Festivals also give us a chance to connect with people and get along with people whom we never talk to.

Exams are like Festivals Celebrate them

Exams are similar in nature. They give us an opportunity to break the daily monotony and fill us with excitement about the future. They also bring emotion, hope, and anxiety to boring everyday life. Thus, we present to you an Exams are like Festivals Celebrate them essay to help you understand the importance of exams in the life of a student.

Exams are like Festivals Celebrate them Essay 500 words

Exams are like Festivals Celebrate them Essay is as follows. 

Students are generally opposed to exams. After all, they face immense pressure for a few days every semester from their parents, teachers, friends, and society. Additionally, the results of the exams can be discouraging and demoralizing for students if the grades they get are poor or lower than their expectations. Also, poor grades might sideline a student who is good in other activities such as sports, singing, dancing, etc. These reasons are enough for students to dislike exams.

But we often hear that Exams are like Festivals Celebrate them. Exams must be celebrated like festivals because they provide a break from the monotonous and seemingly boring everyday life. Just like festivals, they give us a chance to meet our friends for group study. Just like festivals, they raise the level of excitement well before they arrive, and hence require planning in advance. Plans are devised beforehand for the celebration of festivals. Just as festivals give meaning to life by preserving traditions and culture, Exams give meaning to studies and learning.

On Diwali, people arrange for sweets and crackers, and for Eid people arrange for Biryani and kheer. Similarly, preparations and planning are required for exams. These include devising a timetable for studies, dividing study hours for each subject in an equitable manner, giving special attention to difficult topics and subjects, practicing to a certain extent, solving practice papers and question banks, etc. Thus, preparing for an exam can be a thrilling experience, but also an enlightened one.

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Exams must not be feared. They must be enjoyed and normalised as a regular activity necessary to make sense of the studies. They must be viewed as opportunities to prove one’s hardworking skills and not as burdens that come every semester to haunt. Students must discuss the problems they face in the subjects or topics with their classmates before the exams. This helps students make new friends and solve their doubts simultaneously while giving the students greater exposure and increasing their knowledge. Such discussions also encourage students to study under great pressure and do teamwork.

Once the examination process is embraced by the students, it stops haunting them and becomes friends with them. Moreover, If a student prepares for the exam a few months beforehand, exams become less challenging and easy to crack. Exams must be viewed as a preparation for the future, teaching us how to manage time, stress, emotions, success, failure, and so on.

They give us excitement, emotions, friendships, competitiveness, and challenges without which our lives can be repetitive and dull. They come and go, leaving us with memories. They make the lives of the students challenging. They also give them an opportunity to prove their worth to the world. Thus, exams are nothing to panic about. Instead, Exam are like Festivals Celebrate them.

Exams are like Festivals Celebrate them

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