Female Foeticide Essay | Essay on Female Foeticide

Female Foeticide Essay: In Indian Society, male children are generally preferred over female children. Due to various old practices and taboos, a female child is considered a liability and a male child an asset in certain sections of society. This has, until recently, resulted in a considerable imbalance between the population of males and females in India. To prevent female infants from being born, Female Foeticide is the termination of the female fetus in the mother’s womb. It is committed by the family members who find a girl child a liability. 

Female Foeticide is a disgrace to the nation and Indian Society. It also tarnishes the Image of India on the World Stage. Though female foeticide has been banned in the entire country since 1994, some people still practice this heinous crime. Hence, we provide a Female Foeticide Essay to help you write a Female Foeticide Essay by yourself.

Female Foeticide Essay | Essay on Female Foeticide

A Female Foeticide Essay is as follows

India is a country with rich culture and history. It is a place where many social and scientific inventions have taken place which has then been adopted by various other countries. But there are some dark spots as well. Indian culture has treated men as superior to women. Male children are always preferred by family members, as it is considered that they will bring wealth and support parents in their old age. Female children are considered a liability and often a burden as dowry is required to be paid in order to marry them. This has resulted in many parents and family members committing female foeticide to prevent them from taking birth.

Female Foeticide is the termination of the female fetus inside the mother’s womb. It is a heinous and deplorable crime against females. The gender of the fetus is recognized by misusing medical technology. It is a regressive act that pulls back the progress we have made for hundreds of years. It is also a reflection of the age-old mentality where men are supposed to go and earn while women are supposed to stay at home and take care of the needs of the men. People committing such crimes are ignorant of the fact that women are as competitive and as capable as men in earning money and building the nation.

Female Foeticide Essay

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Various cultural factors have resulted in people practising female foeticide. The major reason is that women are generally considered a liability and increased responsibility for the family. Women in India are stereotyped as being irrational and easily subjugated by men. Moreover, in India, to marry their daughter, a family needs to pay a dowry to the family of the groom consisting of expensive items such as jewellery, cars, bikes of electronic and electrical appliances. Often the cost incurred by dowry is extreme and moreover, the demand for dowry doesn’t end with the marriage. Hence many parents prefer sons over daughters. 

There are many reasons for that. Many cities and places around the country are unsafe for women. We often hear about the atrocious crimes committed against women around the country. This prevents parents from allowing their daughters to move to another city for jobs or studies. Sons, on the other hand, are considered as investments that will ripe fruits in the future, especially when it comes to getting dowry during marriages. 

Female Foeticide is an unethical, evil and horrible act. It is against women, and consequently, against the development of the nation and society. Despite being banned for decades, it is still practised in many parts of the country. To the core of the reason lies the cultural practices that heavily discriminate against women. Thus, in order to free our country from such evil and deplorable practices, the people need to change. Society needs to learn and understand the importance of women in our lives. 

To end the malpractice, the entire society needs to come together. The government and other Non-Governmental Organisations must strive to create awareness about the issue. A social boycott can be done of the people who commit such acts. Fines can be imposed on the families committing the crime. But it can end only if people and the social change themselves.

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