As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay in English

As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay: Life is nothing but a voyage. It comes with ups and downs, good times and bad times, tough times and easy times that leave us with good sweet and bitter memories. All these phases are basically a journey. As One Journey Ends Another Begins. Thus, life can be portrayed as a collection of many journeys. Each journey is there to teach us lessons of life and add meaning to it.

As One Journey Ends Another Begins

It is extremely important for students to understand the meaning of life before they embark on their journey. Hence, for this purpose, students are frequently required to write an As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay as a part of the school curriculum. Hence we present to you an “As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay in English”.

As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay

An As One Journey Ends Another Begins Essay is provided below

Life is nothing but a series of journeys. Each phase of our life is a distinct journey in which we learn our lessons to make the journeys ahead simple and smooth. In each journey, we face ups and downs, mishaps and blessings, good and bad times, etc. Sometimes the challenges we face can be formidable and demotivating. At other times, they may be beautiful and encouraging. Thus, all these seasons of life must be enjoyed.

However, it is easier said than done. Although, As One Journey Ends Another Begins, people who are in awe of the old journey will try sticking to it. It is, after all, not easy to forget your past journey which you might cherish and want to hold on to. Moreover, it is not always clear when a phase ends and another begins.

It is good to love and enjoy the thing you are up to. Be it a job, a relationship, a project and so on. However, we must not become too emotionally attached to it to the extent that quitting it is extremely hurtful and leaves us with a terrible experience. After all, life is a journey, not a destination. Life must go on even if a few people, your favourite job, dream college etc are left behind. 

Sometimes we fail to achieve a goal when the condition spirals out of hand. But failure is an essential part of life’s journey. In fact, a combination of successes and failures is what makes life livable. Only successes teach would end up teaching us nothing, while a life full of failures might end up frustrating us. Failures teach us a plethora of lessons. They give us an opportunity to introspect about our mistakes, learn from them and devise strategies for the future that is void of such mistakes. It is only with the help of multiple failures that we are able to succeed in our lives. Success is only the chapter succeeding the failure.

Many great men have succeeded only after witnessing countless failures. At this point, I am reminded of Sir Winston Churchill, who famously said “Never, Never, Never Give Up!” at the height of the Second World War, which his country was losing at the time. But, he kept on struggling and was successful in delivering victory to Britain. His struggle during the period is reminiscent of the fact that success is always preceded by constant failure and struggle. 

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Failures must never be loathed. In fact, failures mark the end of a chapter and unleash new beginnings. New beginnings must be wholeheartedly embraced by us since they provide us with fresh opportunities for careers and new aspects of life. New beginnings are new journeys. We set new goals, face new & formidable challenges, and aspire to different kinds of success in this new journey. 

An essential feature of the journeys is that they are highly unpredictable. We almost always do not know what life has for us in our next journey. Our only true duty is to keep moving and give our one hundred per cent. As an old Indian saying goes “Do your work and don’t worry about the result”. We are required to constantly traverse the path without being attached to anything or anyone, not even the result. 

A similar idea is propounded in the Bhagavada Geeta by Lord Krishna. He says that attachment to the result might result in shifting the focus from the job to the fruit it might bear. He propounds his philosophy of Karma in which he says that it is futile to expect that a human controls the output. A human, he goes on, is only authorised to do his job. Success or failure is in the hands of the Almighty.

At first, leaving one journey might look unwanted and might be emotionally exhausting. A kid when first goes to school, he cries about leaving his mother and his home. But as a student grows, he becomes engaged in the environment of the school, making it his second home. However, there comes a day when he has to leave his school and his beloved friends and move to college. This process continues till death. Thus, no matter how much we might be nostalgic about our past, we ultimately embrace the present to such an extent that we become attached to it.

Thus, in this series, as one journey ends another begins. Each journey gives us some indelible memories and unforgettable lessons. It is our duty to move on from one journey to another until the end of life while living every moment happily. On the deathbed, we shall not complain to ourselves for not living life to the fullest.

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